SIRIUS Starmate 4 Radio

Recent developments in technology like the plug-and-play have made it possible for us to receive radio signals absolutely anywhere. This way you can listen and enjoy your SIRIUS Starmate 4 radio wherever you want. You can seamlessly transfer it from home to car to your office or boombox with the help of a compatible dock. You save on money and will not need to buy separate radio sets for every place.

The SIRIUS Starmate 4 radio is truly portable and handy that makes it convenient to carry as well. Quite some time back, it was unimagined that we could listen to a radio almost anywhere we went. Holidays meant missing out on your favorite shows on radio and radio station. But not any more as the Serius satelite radio is here for us listeners!

The SIRIUS Starmate 4 radio is designed after great thought and attention to detail. It counts among the sleek devices for radio and has a slim design. Due to its compact form, it can be installed safely in small-size vehicles with ease. The large-screen blue display allows the listener to view the entire song name and artist name as it has space to accommodate up to five lines of text. A different feature about the SIRIUS Starmate 4 radio is that it can play back the last 44 minutes of audio that the listener heard. Then there are pause, rewind and fast-forward features as well. This radio also includes a receiver, vehicle power adapter, remote control, vehicle antenna, vehicle dock and vehicle mounts in the package.

The SIRIUS Starmate 4 radio has a 100-stream FM transmitter that makes it possible to listen to radio programs using any FM-enabled radio set. Moreover, it has access to lots of value-added services such as SIRIUS Game Zone, SIRIUS Game Alert and a one-touch jump feature that can switch from traffic news to weather updates to any of the SIRIUS music, news or entertainment channel with a single touch! If you have kids, you can use the parental locking controls so that they don’t listen to content inappropriate for their age.

All these features are available in the Starmate 4 for as little as $99.99 only on their online store. If you are not sure if your locality has a retailer who deals in SIRIUS Starmate 4 radio, you can find one by entering your postal zip code or city name. There is an option to view retailers in a radius of 2/5/10/20 KM if you have distance constraints. Then there are some SIRIUS preferred partners or retailers such as Future Shop, The Source, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Visions Electronics, London Drugs, and Staples etc. in Canada.

If you have already planned to subscribe to Sirius satellite radio service, then you can install the SIRIUS Starmate 4 radio in your car when you buy it. There are lots of retailers who can give this radio pre-installed in your car. So now you have to decide a subscription plan you wish to avail of!