Sirius SRH550 Home Tuner With Antenna

There are many tuners available in the market which will receive the broadcasts of Sirius Satellite Radio. Each tuner is designed for application at home, in a vehicle or on a boat. The best tuner for home application is the Sirius SRH550 Home Tuner With Antenna. The Sirius Satellite Radio service gives over 120 channels of commercial-free entertainment for your entire family. There are programs for kids like Disney, for information there is Family and Health, for current affairs and events there are many news channels. Music has over 65 channels and gives high fidelity music over a wide range of genres. The sport channels give a continuous broadcast of all the popular games like NBA, NFL, NHL, Soccer and many more.

The Sirius SRH550 Home Tuner is a sturdy piece of equipment which will integrate seamlessly with your Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready AV receivers or home theater systems. The tuner comes in a package which has all the components necessary for an effective installation. The supplied power cable has to be connected to the tuner last, in the process of installation. This takes care of the power requirements of your tuner. There is an 38 inch optical cable which will connect the tuner to your receiver which has digital signal processing features. With this you will be able to enjoy digital audio output.

The Sirius SRH550 Home Tuner comes with an antenna, and a 19.75 foot cable. This antenna can be mounted on the roof or on your window sill. It is important that you position the antenna correctly, in order to get the best signal possible. The antenna is waterproof and the best placement would be on the roof, as it will give the best direct line of vision to the sky. You might need to connect an additional 50 foot extension cable, if the supplied cable falls short. You can also mount the antenna on your window sill or on the side of your house, but always make sure that the point of the antenna has a clear view of the sky. The direction in which to point the antenna will depend on your location and it is given in your user manual. You can turn the antenna in small degrees until you hear a clear audio output, without any interruptions. You can also see the strength of the signal, by the bar graph on the tuner's display. In this way you can find the optimum aiming position of the antenna. After that you should carefully route the antenna cable to the tuner, avoiding sharp edges and without twisting or crimping the cable.

The Sirius SRH550 Home comes with a host of features. You can preset 30 of your favourite Sirius Satellite Radio stations, so that you can directly go to them without having to search. You can also scan the channels by four different methods, like sequentially, by a category, direct and through the preset list. The Look Ahead function allows you to scroll through the different channels without stopping what you are listening to. Many more functions make this tuner the best in its category.