Sirius SRH550 Home Tuner

Sirius Satellite Radio provides the best entertainment a radio can offer, and it is essential to receive their service at home. The best of music, news, entertainment and sports, you will find in their 120 channels of commercial-free broadcast. Music channels will stream many genres of music like, Rock, Hip-Hop, Classical, Pop, Jazz and many more. The news channels give a wide coverage of world news, financial news, weather and traffic, and have channels including Fox news, CNBC and many more. All the popular games are covered by the sports channels, including NBA, Soccer, NFL, PGA Tour, NASCAR and many more. To receive the Sirius Satellite Radio you have to pay a monthly subscription fee, and an one time activation charge.

The best way to receive Sirius Satellite Radio at your home is to have the Sirius SRH550 Home Tuner, which can be connected to your Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready receiver. This tuner looks sophisticated and will blend in with all your other audio and video equipments. You will receive the broadcasts in excellent sound quality, and the output is in RCA stereo and Optical Digital. The tuner comes in a box that has all the components required for a successful installation. The box contains the tuner, a window sill antenna, the user manual, a remote control with batteries, a DC power adapter, optical cable, audio cable and an AC power cable.

The Sirius SRH550 Home Tuner, has a blue display that can show six lines at a time. Information like channel name, channel number, song title, artist name and other kinds of game information are shown on this display. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of the display, and make the size of the font larger for better visibility. The tuner comes with a 38 inch optical digital cable that can be connected to your receiver to get the advantage of optical digital output, which has ultra low noise and is free of distortions. If you have a surround receiver, having digital signal processing features, then this connection will be very useful.

There is a variety of ways by which you will be able to tune the channels of Sirius Satellite Radio on the Sirius SRH550 Home Tuner. You can find channels in a straight line or sequentially by pressing the +/- buttons, in the default mode.  There is a category button on the tuner, which lets you browse the channels by a category, and within the category you need to use the +/- buttons to arrive at the desired channel. If you know the number of the channel, you can directly tune in that number, to arrive at that channel. With this tuner you can preset 30 of your favourite channels. This preset list is displayed, six channels at a time and you can choose one from this list.

The Sirius SRH550 comes with many features that make listening to the radio a pleasure. It has a memory function, which is capable of storing 20 songs or team entries, so that it can alert you whenever any of these teams or songs are playing on any of the channels.