SIRIUS Sportster Satellite Radio

The SIRIUS Sportster satellite radio is a great product from Sirius. It has a bright colorful display, convenient navigation, sophisticated features and all else you require for enjoying Sirius in your vehicle. It is sleek and has a nice-looking interface. You can also go for the optional accessory docking kits suitable anywhere and audio systems for easily using this radio in your home, boat, office or other kinds of vehicles.

Moreover the SIRIUS Sportster satellite radio also supports ‘the Best of XM’ channel as well. You can include XM channels to your Sirius radio subscription. These channels consist of Oprah Radio, MLB Home Plate, Opie and Anthony, NHL and NBA games. Then you have the 24x7 NHL Home Ice channel, PGA tour network, college sports and all the races in the Indy Car series and XM Public radio.

Some of the other features of SIRIUS Sportster satellite radio are as follows:

ü You can select different colors to complement your dash lights and frame of mind.
ü By adding installation accessories you can make the Sportster radio work anywhere.
ü You can pause, rewind and replay about one hour of live SIRIUS Sportster satellite radio. This is a stunning feature as you can catch up on missed programs by recording them live!
ü An FM transmitter or stereo audio output is included to link with your vehicle’s radio.
ü The FM Preset function allows the listener to save the clearest FM frequencies in your locality for the maximum alignment with your car’s radio system.
ü The 30 presets can be helpful for gaining fast access to your loved channels.
ü With a simple touch of a button, you can switch to local weather or traffic updates or even your most-loved channel.
ü Sports enthusiasts will benefit from the customized sports ticker for live updates of their preferred sports.
ü The easy rotating tuning knob lets you to browse different channels anytime on the SIRIUS Sportster satellite radio.
ü The ‘Sports Alert’ feature will keep an account of your favorite sports team and F1 driver.
ü The ‘Sports Zone’ will categorize all your favorite teams and racing drivers under a single class.
ü Parents can use the ‘Parental Control’ for convenient locking and unlocking of adult content channels that might be unsuitable for kids.
ü A distinguishing feature about this SIRIUS Sportster satellite radio is the Alarm clock with snooze facility. So make every morning special by waking up to your preferred music or news channel.

This radio set can also be gifted to anybody you wish. However you must know that the SIRIUS Sportster satellite radio is shipped free of cost only in the contiguous states of America and not to islands such as Puerto Rico. There is an activation fee and a cancellation fee as well if you cancel your subscription before the stipulated period.

The SIRIUS Sportster satellite radio package includes the Sportster 5 receiver, magnetic vehicle antenna, cigarette lighter adapter, suction cup mount and a remote control for users.