Sirius Sportster 4 Radio

The Sirius Sportster 4 Radio is a portable model that comes along with a car kit. You will be able to receive all the Sirius radio channels in high quality digital audio. This radio is very easy to install in your car and comes with all the necessary components, which are included in the car kit. The radio is reasonably priced and you will get it at a discount at Amazon at $129.95.

The Sirius Sportster 4 Radio is very compact and measures 4.5 inches in width, 1.04 inches in depth and has a height of 3.07 inches, with the docking station attached. You can use the supplied suction cup mount to easily mount this radio on the windshield of your vehicle. If you prefer you can also use the supplied vent mount to attach the docking station to any vent. The docking station has a sliding mechanism, where you slide in the radio and it will lock into place. The back panel of the docking station has all the connecting sockets like the input for the antenna, DC power supply, and output for line and FM transmission antenna.

The Sirius Sportster 4 Radio has a large LCD screen, in a pleasing blue color. This screen will always display channel name, number, category, song title, artist name, preset number/band and the time of day. If you increase the font size you will be able to see the artist and song title continuously scroll in one line. The contrast and brightness can be controlled manually.

There are various ways of tuning the Sirius Sportster 4 Radio. The push-button interface is easy to operate and you can select the category first and with the rotary knob you can choose the channel under that category. The radio also allows you to preset 30 of your favourite channels, in 3 banks of 10 channels each. You can preset channels by going into the preset mode and then directly keying the channel number with the numeric keypad. To select a preset channel, you need to activate the preset tune mode and with the rotary knob scroll through the channels. You can also directly tune this radio by entering the three-digit channel number with the numeric keypad. There is a Jump key which lets you preset one specific channel, and you can directly go to there when you press this key, regardless of what mode you are in.

The automatic recording capability of the Sirius Sportster 4 Radio, lets you pause, rewind and replay 44 minutes of the channel that you have been listening. You can also fast forward and come to the point, of live radio. You can also access the recorded stream, later at your convenience. Apart from live streams, this radio can also store program data, like song title and artist name. The radio has the capacity of storing up to 30 songs. The seek function will then alert you, when any of the stored information matches the current incoming Sirius signals. This means you will know when any of your favourite songs are going to be played on any of the channels.