Sirius SCH1 Connect Tuner

Sirius Satellite Radio is among the most popular radio services in the United States. The service covers mainland United States from coast to coast and is not available in Hawaii and Alaska. You need to have a paid subscription to receive their signal on your receiver. If you do not have a Sirius radio, then you need to have a tuner that will connect into your Sirius-ready receiver or SAT Radio-ready AV receiver. There all types of tuners available which are designed for use in a vehicle, or in a boat, or in your home. There are portable tuners also available, which you can switch between your car and home, with the proper docking kits.

Sirius Satellite Radio has over 120 channels of quality entertainment, news and sports. The service is totally commercial-free and you can enjoy a continuous stream of music news and programs, all the 24 hours of the day. There are 65 music channels that will stream music like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Oldies, New hits, Classical and many more. You get to hear the latest news and events from their array of news channels, covering topics like politics, finance and so on. There are talk shows hosted by popular personalities and informative channels like Family and Health. For kids there is the Disney channel, and for entertainment for everybody there is comedy and E! Entertainment. Many channels are devoted to sports and they cover all the games of NBA, NFL and other popular leagues. There is coverage of the PGA tour and horse racing. In fact there is something for everybody on this amazing radio service. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee to receive this service.

For your home, there is the Sirius SCH1 Connect Tuner, which enables you to receive Sirius Satellite Radio on to your Sirius-ready A/V receiver or home theater system. This tuner is very sleek and measures only 4 inches by 3 inches approximately. You can place it flat among your other audio equipments or can mount it on a wall or a panel. The Sirius SCH1 Connect Tuner comes as a complete kit, having all the components necessary for an effective installation. The package contains the Sirius Connect Tuner, an Indoor/Outdoor antenna, a 21 foot cable to connect the antenna to the tuner, an 8-pin mini DIN connector cable, an AC adapter and the user manual.

The 8-pin connector cable is to be attached to your Sirius-ready receiver and the tuner. This one cable helps to integrate your tuner seamlessly with your receiver. This cable will provide the power to the tuner through your receiver. If your audio device is not able to supply the power than you will have to use the AC adapter that is provided. If audio input from the tuner is also not supported by the DIN cable then you need to connect the audio output of the tuner to your receiver via RCA-type or Optical audio output connectors of the tuner. Once integrated you will get all the information on to your receiver's display screen and also will be able to control the tuner through your receiver's control panel.