Sirius SCC1 Tuner

The Sirius SCC1 Tuner will enable you to receive Sirius Satellite Radio service in your vehicle, on your Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready head unit. This tuner is compatible with a wide variety of head units and in-dash stereos. Certain models of head-units or aftermarket and OEM radios, might require a SiriusConnect Adapter, so that you can totally integrate the tuner with them. This adapter has to be purchased separately, as it is not included in the package.

When you buy the Sirius SCC1 Tuner, you will get a full kit containing the SCC1 tuner, a mini-magnetic antenna with a tail cover and alcohol pad, a 21 foot cable for the antenna and a 63 inch 8-pin DIN connecting cable. The tuner itself has a removable mounting plate with three pre-drilled holes on either side and four self-tapping mounting screws.

Installing the tuner is relatively easy, and the tuner being quite compact, can be mounted in a way that it remains hidden from view. One has to consider the mounting location carefully. The Sirius SCC1 Tuner should be mounted in a place where it is not exposed to any moisture or extreme heat. There should be room left around the tuner, especially there should be clearance above the unit, to prevent any damage from moving parts and for providing adequate ventilation. The screws and the removable mounting plate can be used to secure the tuner on a flat surface. You can also remove the mounting plate and secure the tuner on a flat, clean surface using an adhesive material or velcro.

The antenna that is provided has a powerful magnetic base, that allows you to mount it on any metallic surface of the vehicle. The antenna is very small and measures only 1.605 inches in width, 0.505 inches in height and 2.005 inches in depth. The antenna has to be positioned in such a way, that it is in clear line of sight of the sky. The best places for mounting it would be on the roof, un-obstructed by any roof racks or other mechanical devices. If you have a convertible, then the best place to mount the antenna would be on the trunk lid of your vehicle. While mounting the antenna use the 2-3/4 inch tail cover that is provided to cover the exposed antenna cable and keep it securely attached to the roof. The antenna should be mounted at a proper distance from the window, sunroof or rear hatch.

Connecting the supplied cables is also simple and quick. There is a 63 inches long, 8-pin DIN connector cable, that has to be attached to the 8-pin DIN port on the front panel of the tuner. The other end will go into your head unit or stereo. The power requirements of the tuner is met by this cable, and also it transfers the audio from the tuner to the head unit. This cable also allows you to control your tuner, through the control panel of your receiver. You will also be able to see on the display screen of your receiver, all the information regarding the channel name and number, the title of the song and the artist.