Sirius SCC1 Sirius Connect Universal Tuner

The popularity of the Sirius Satellite Radio has flooded the market with various kinds of tuners that are able to receive this radio service. Sirius Satellite Radio beams over 120 radio stations, across mainland United States from coast to coast. Its three powerful satellites give you excellent reception, with digital quality high fidelity sound. You will be able to appreciate the sound quality when you listen to the 65 channels that are devoted to different genres of music. The other channels cover news, sports and entertainment. You can get an array of channels that are informative and the news channels will give you a wide coverage of events and happenings from around the world. There are channels that are mainly devoted to news in the United States and also the weather conditions and traffic news of 20 major cities. Sports channels cover all the games of NBA, NFL, NASCAR, and many more sporting events.

The entertainment and news value of Sirius Satellite Radio, has made it an important companion to have in your vehicle. Different audio equipment manufacturing companies are making tuners that are designed for use in a vehicle. Also car manufacturing companies are making head units in their vehicles, Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready. Sirius itself is making tuners that are designed for home and for the vehicle.

The Sirius SCC1 Sirius Connect Universal Tuner, is a vehicle tuner that can be integrated with any Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready head unit. It can also integrate with certain OEM head units and compatible controllers, when combined with SiriusConnect interface bus translators. If you have a factory or after market stereo, you will need to add the SiriusConnect adapter, so that you can control all of your tuner's functions, through your head unit. The SCC1 tuner comes as a package, with the antenna that has powerful magnetic base, and all the connecting cables that are required for an easy and quick installation.

The Sirius SCC1 tuner measures 3-7/16 inches in width, 1-3/8 inches in height and 5-3/4 inches in depth, with all cables attached. There is a removable metal mounting plate, that makes it easy to install this tuner un-obtrusively and totally out of sight. You can mount and secure the tuner on any flat solid surface, with the four self-tapping screws that are supplied. You can also use Velcro or any other adhesive material to mount the tuner. The front panel of the tuner has SC output, that has a female 8-pin DIN port for the supplied cable. The other female port is for the single SMB input from the antenna.

The 63 inch, 8-pin DIN cable that is supplied will fully integrate the tuner with your head unit. The cable will provide the power, audio and control through a single connection. The other cable supplied is 21 foot long, and connects the tuner to the antenna. The antenna is very compact, and has to be mounted on the roof or the trunk lid of the vehicle. It has a magnetic base which will anchor it on the metallic surface of your vehicle.