Sirius Satellite Tuners

The Sirius Satellite Radio service can be received via Sirius Satellite Tuners. There are many models of Sirius Satellite Tuners available, and you can choose one, according to your requirements and budget. There are tuners made specifically for home use, then there are ones which can be used connected to the head unit of a vehicle or connected to a marine radio. There are also Sirius Satellite Tuners that are available now which have plug-and-play capabilities and so are portable. You can use the same tuner for your car, as well as for home, provided you have the docking units. These portable tuners are becoming popular and there are many different companies manufacturing them.

The Sirius One has a simplified design and is very compact. It has a reversible display of a single line of 12 characters, for quick access to information of channel number, song title and artist. This tuner is the easiest and least expensive way of getting Sirius Satellite Radio in your vehicle. The design of this tuner is made specifically for car use and has four mounting options. You can mount it on your sun visor, windshield, instrument panel on your dash with hook and loop fastener mount. You can preset 30 channels with its preset scan function. It also has a built-in FM transmitter, with a FM preset button, with which you can select 100 frequencies. It comes with a small car antenna, and also a remote control.

The Sirius Starmate is another one, among many portable, Sirius Satellite Tuners. This tuner is considered to be the most compact and integrated plug and play device, till date. It has an integrated connectivity for the antenna, audio or headphone-out, FM-out and power. There is a 3-line display in red, which gives all the information. You can preset 30 of your favourite channels, and also has a unique channel toggle switch. You can control the volume in your headphone with a control on the tuner. The S-seek function alerts you whenever your favourite song or program is playing on any of the channels. It has a built-in FM transmitter, having selection for 100 frequencies. The tuner comes as a package and includes the car antenna, a suction-cup mount and a cigarette lighter power adapter. You can also buy the home kit which is optional, and which will enable you to easily transfer the tuner to your home entertainment system.

Among the many Sirius Satellite Tuners the Sirius Sportster, was designed for the sports enthusiast. It maximises the listening experience of the broad sports line-up that is provided by the Sirius Satellite Radio service. The tuner will alert you when your favourite NFL or any other sport teams are playing on the Sirius sports channels. For additional team games prompt, you can use the S-seek function. You will get a listing of all the play-by-play games and their scores, by their particular league, like NFL and so on. The My Game function on the tuner will give you easy access to your favourite teams' games.