Sirius Satellite Tuner Widget

Sirius Satellite Radio has become very popular all over the United States. There are over 120 channels of commercial-free quality entertainment, that are beamed down from three powerful satellites, in geo-stationery orbit above continental United States. Due to its popularity, this radio service is now also available, on the internet. You now need a Sirius Satellite Tuner Widget on your computer and an internet connection, to listen to the Sirius Satellite Radio. You will also need to pay a monthly subscription fee to Sirius. Now the Sirius Satellite Radio is not confined to the United States alone, but can be heard anywhere in the world, over a broadband internet connection.

Through the internet also you will be able to receive all the channels of Sirius Satellite Radio. Over 120 channels offer the best in music, sports, entertainment and news. Through 65 channels you will be receiving a constant stream of music, in genres like Hip-Hop, Country, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Pop, Rock, Dance, Latin and International. You will receive the music in digital sound of high fidelity. Apart from music there are entertainment channels featuring comedy, Disney, E! Entertainment, talk shows and much more. You will receive on your computer shows by Howard Stein, Oprah and Martha Stewart. There are informative channels also like Religion, Family and Health and a few more. The news channels are extensive in their coverage of topics like finance, world news and current events, politics, weather and traffic. Sports channels cover fully all the American sports like NBA, NFL, NASCAR and many more. Other sports news also is given from around the world.

There many different types of Sirius Satellite Tuner Widgets, available on the internet that are developed by different people. You can download these widgets pay your subscription to Sirius and start listening to Sirius Satellite Radio. Even if you are a subscriber of the regular Sirius Satellite Radio service, you will still have to sign up for Sirius internet access at Sirius is also offering a 7 day free trial period, where you can sample their service and then decide to go in for a subscription.

Sirius Satellite Tuner Widget 2.1.5 is developed by Tanner Jepsen, and is completely free to download. The size of the program is 263 KB, and was last updated on 24th July 2007. This widget will work on any of the Windows operating systems and will need a Yahoo! Widget Engine. This widget is available for a free download at the Softpedia site, and they guarantee that it is free of all viruses, trojans, spyware and any other malware.

Another Sirius Satellite Tuner Widget that is available is the 3.0.1, and this also is published by Tanner Jepsen. This widget will only work on Windows Vista, 2000 and XP operating systems, and will also need the Yahoo! Widgets Engine. The size of this program is 508 KB and is available for a free download, at the Brothersoft site. The Yahoo! Widget Engine is called the Yahoo! Widgets for Windows 4.5.2 Build 10A50, and is also available for a free download at Brothersoft. This engine will work on the Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems.