Sirius Satellite Tuner SIR

Radios are still quite popular, even in this age of mobile television and internet. People like to listen to a continuous stream of audio that will keep them entertained and informed. Now there are radio services which are totally commercial-free, and the most popular one is the Sirius Satellite Radio. This company has placed three satellites into orbit above the United States, to beam down more than 120 channels of quality entertainment. There are 65 channels giving continuous streams of music of almost every possible genre, along with expert information regarding the song being played by their team of experienced jockeys. You get to hear this in high fidelity audio, anywhere in mainland United States, from coast to coast. Apart from music there are channels which provide entertainment, news and cover sports events. You will get the traffic news and weather reports, US news, world news, Financial news, political debates and much more. There are talk shows with famous personalities, and also comedy channels to keep you entertained. The sport channels have the most extensive coverage of NBA, NFL, NASCAR, Soccer, PGA tour and much more.

The Sirius Satellite Radio will cost you a monthly subscription amount plus a one time activation charge, but is worth every cent. This service is not available in US territories and Hawaii, and a limited service is available in Alaska. There are tuners available in the market, through which you can receive this service directly on to your receivers or home theater systems which are Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready. Popular brands like Phillips, Onkyo, Sony, Eclipse and many more are now manufacturing tuners and radios that can receive the Sirius Satellite Radio. Sirius itself is making different models of tuners that are compatible with the receivers of different audio equipment manufacturers. There are tuners made specifically for receivers or head units of vehicles of a specific company.

The Sirius Satellite Tuner SIR-KEN1 is made specifically for Kenwood receivers in vehicles. This tuner is compatible with Kenwood in-dash receivers with satellite radio controls. Certain Sirius-ready Kenwood head units before 2005, and all models of 2005 and later are compatible. The KRC series which are Sirius-ready Kenwood cassette players are not compatible with this tuner. The tuner box is quite compact and comes with an antenna, and all the required cables, to integrate it with your head unit. The front panel of the tuner has two jacks. One is a 13-pin jack, in which you have to attach the supplied cable, which will connect to the head unit. The other is also a 13-pin jack which will connect to an optional CD changer. This is used by the tuner as a CD changer input on the Kenwood head unit. There is also, a CD changer, pass-through connection on the tuner, so that when you are using a CD changer you can daisy-chain them together.

The Sirius antenna has to be mounted on the roof or trunk of the car, and it comes with a powerful magnetic base. You should position the antenna in clear line of vision of the sky, so that there are no mechanical or line of sight obstructions.