Sirius Satellite Tuner For

The palm-sized Blaupunkt America SR04 is a Sirius Satellite Tuner For a vehicle as well as for home use. This tuner can receive digital quality Sirius Satellite Radio programming in mainland United States from coast to coast. AM and FM tuners are able to work best within 20 to 40 miles radius of a broadcasting station. Sirius has excellent coverage over the whole of continental United States, because they have put three powerful satellites that are in geo-stationary orbit over the United States. These satellites beam down over 120 Sirius radio stations that have music, sports, entertainment and news. If you want commercial-free quality entertainment round the clock, you must subscribe to the Sirius Satellite Radio service. You have to pay a one-time activation charge, and then a monthly subscription fee.

There are 65 radio stations that stream only different genres of quality music. Sports events have an extensive coverage with this satellite radio. There are channels devoted to NFL, NBA, Soccer, NASCAR, PGA Tour, Horse Racing and much more. For entertainment, apart from the music, there are talk shows, comedy, Disney channel, E! Entertainment and much more. News also is covered in detail on the different channels like Fox news, CNBC and many more. You can receive news of the world, news specific to the United States, financial news, weather and traffic news.

The Blaupunkt America SR04 Sirius Satellite Tuner For a vehicle and home is of a very compact size, and its dimensions are only 4-3/4 inches wide, 3-1/8 inches tall and 1-1/8 inch deep. It has a highly intuitive interface, and a blue 6-line display that is easy to read. The display provides the information regarding the channel name and number, the title of the song being played, the name of the artist, and also the date and time. The tuner comes with a car kit which includes a docking cradle, 12v DC power cord, a line-out jack and cable and a car antenna with a powerful magnetic base. You can use this tuner for your home too, for which you will have to buy the home docking kit separately. The advantage, is that you will be able to receive Sirius Satellite Radio at your home and in your car, by paying only one subscription.

Although very small in size, this Sirius Satellite Tuner For, vehicle and home, is packed with features. You can preset 30 of your favourite channels, so that you can easily straight away, jump to your favourite programs. You can also use the search mode to locate a channel, find a program, or locate a particular song or artist who is performing. There is also a song-seek mode alert in which you can key in 10 of your favourite songs or programs and the tuner will then alert you whenever those songs or programs are being played on any of the channels. The tuner comes with a wireless remote, that has all the controls and functions that you will find on the tuner.