Sirius Satellite Tuner

If you have a Sirius-ready radio and have a subscription for Sirius Satellite Radio, you will need a Sirius Satellite Tuner. There are many different models of Sirius Satellite Tuners available in the market and are made by Sirius as well as other popular audio equipment manufacturers.

The Audiovox SIRPNP2 Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner is a plug-and-play device that will give you 100 Sirius channels at home or in your vehicle. The reception is crystal-clear with superior sound quality. This tuner needs the car or home docking unit, so that you can transfer the tuner from you car to home without any hassels and you do not have to pay 2 subscriptions for Sirius Satellite Radio. The tuner is 5.2 inches wide, 3.4 inches high and 1.9 inches deep, with a large display that dominates the front panel. The display is in pale orange color and shows information like the name, number and category of the Sirius channel, the name of song and artist and the time of day. You can search for channels by scanning all channels or by a category. You can preset 30 of your favourite Sirius radio stations. This tuner works best with the SIRCK1/SIRCK2 car audio unit, and for home you can opt for SIRHK1 home docking unit or the SIRBB1 boombox. This tuner has Look Ahead feature that enables you to check what is playing on the other channels, without interrupting you current program. The tuner also has a 20-song memory for title and artist, which will alert you whenever those songs are playing on any of the Sirius channels.

If you have a receiver that does not offer satellite radio controls then you can go in for the Panasonic CR-SRF100 Sirius Satellite Radio FM Modulator/Controller. This tuner allows you to connect any FM receiver, so that you can receive 100 channels of Sirius Satellite Radio on it. The tuner comes with the FM modulator and receiver wiring harness, and you have to buy the antenna separately. You will be able to preset 18 of your favourite channels on this tuner. You will have to tune your FM radio to the same frequency that the Sirius Satellite Radio system is set for.

The Clarion company also makes a range of Sirius Satellite Tuners for your vehicle. The Clarion DSC920S Sirius Controller lets you use your DSH920S as a stand-alone unit. You will be able to enjoy the Sirius Satellite Radio in your car, even if you do not own a Clarion in-dash receiver. The tuner has an easy to read LCD display screen that will give all the information about the channel, song and artist. The panel interface has function control buttons that will help you to scan and select the required channels.

Another from Clarion is the SIRPNP Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner which will connect into any Sirius-ready head unit to give you digital quality audio. You can use this tuner in your vehicle as well as in your home, provided you have the required docking kit. It has 30 presets, and lets you browse channels or categories and save the artist and song information as memos.