SIRIUS Satellite Radios

The SIRIUS marine weather service can be availed by those who go boating or fishing in the lakes, coasts etc when they subscribe to SIRIUS Satellite Radios. It is very useful for weather update while away from the shore. This service is only offered to the people residing in the continental United States. It spans the entire satellite network of SIRIUS that comprises of 48 states and international water limits that cover a great amount of area in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

From where do SIRIUS Satellite Radios get the weather updates?

WSI provides the data about weather for the SIRIUS Marine weather service and is the forerunner in supplying professional weather forecast and information. This organization has catered to many federal, local and state governments for more than 25 years in addition to the marine, agriculture, media, aviation and energy sectors. The WSI has skilled workforces that are professionals in analysis, forecast and presentation of weather details. WSI gathers NOAA information from other research, government, commercial and proprietary resources and compiles it for creating correct and punctual weather updates. It is considered to be the “gold standard” within the weather forecast sector.

Is it possible to use SIRIUS Satellite Radios along with the marine weather package?

The SIRIUS marine weather receivers are designed to receive the radio and the marine weather service at the same time. Now whether you can get weather updates and listen to radio smoothly depends on the capacity of the navigation system that you plan to buy for working with your SIRIUS marine weather receiver. The more efficient it is, you will get a better service.

You can purchase SIRIUS Satellite Radios and then go for the marine weather service receivers that work with the same. Mostly all the top marine electronics dealers provide such receivers. If you are a PC user, you can use WxMate receiver from AirGator Inc. for knowing the weather update. This receiver has software designed for weather along with an application developed for viewing weather.

On the other hand, Jeppesen Marine’s Nobeltec range of marine navigation software smoothly blends SIRIUS marine weather service in their completely-equipped navigation software. You can easily find out more about these receivers from Raymarine, Northstar, and Furuno etc. and then take a decision.

Which information will the SIRIUS Satellite Radios’ marine weather service provide?

Following are some of the weather details provided when you buy it with an audio subscription and might differ from one receiver to another.

§ Precipitation type
§ Present conditions and city weather forecast
§ Speed and direction of storm
§ Lightning
§ Weather alerts and watch-boxes
§ Tropical storm routes with wind fields
§ Satellite cloud coverage

You will agree that the above details are quite exhaustive and are sure to be of great help while fishing for sailors. SIRIUS Satellite Radios offer this marine weather update service so that you can sail safely and entertain yourself at the same time, what say?