Sirius Satellite Radio Tuners

There are a wide variety of tuners available, that are able to receive the Sirius Satellite Radio. These Sirius Satellite Radio Tuners come in different model and are suited for use at home, in a vehicle or a boat. Sirius itself, and other popular audio equipment manufacturers make these tuners, so that they can be integrated into Sirius-ready and SAT Radio-ready receivers, home theater systems, head units of vehicles and with marine radios. Sirius Satellite Radio Tuners are usually not a stand-alone unit and have to be connected to a receiver, but there are models where the tuner is in the form of a radio and can be used independently as well. There are now certain tuner models which are portable and you can easily transfer them to your home, from your vehicle, with the proper docking kits in place.

Certain Sirius Satellite Radio Tuners are made, with certain models of vehicle head units in mind, so that they are compatible with them. The SiriusConnect GM Class-2, is made for factory installed head units in GM vehicles. This tuner is compatible with head units of select 2003 to 2008 and up GM Class 2 vehicles, which support satellite radio operations. This tuner comes with a mini antenna which has a magnetic base, a T-Harness interface cable, SDAR interface cable, a power harness with in-line noise filter and a 21 feet single micro cable for connecting the antenna. The tuner is compact, with dimensions measuring 4-1/8 inches in width, 4-7/8 inches in height and 1-3/8 inches in depth. Looking at the size this tuner can be easily be installed, in your vehicle un-obtrusively and can be kept hidden from view. The tuner has an audio output of 1.4V rms, and power requirement of  11 to 16 Volts DC. Once you have installed the tuner, you can control it through the head unit's control panel, and your receiver's display should be able to provide the information like channel name and number, the title of song and name of artist who is performing. The tuner is able to maintain compatibility even with the existing factory audio accessories like steering wheel controls, CD changers and so on. For certain GM vehicles like the Cadillac CTS, may require a modification in the supplied SDAR harness to improve audio performance.

A Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner is made by Kenwood which is portable and is called Here2Anywhere radio tuner. You can enjoy the Sirius Satellite Radio service in your car and at home with the same tuner. The tuner is light and has a compact design which makes it easy to install with the optional docking kits. The display on the tuner is a 4-line scrolling 160x32 dot matrix, LCD display. There is a control by which you can change the size of the font, for better viewing. You can preset 24 of your favourite channels. The tuner has a memory that can retain 36 song titles or artist information. It can recall this memory, and alert you whenever the song or artist is going to perform on any of the channels. The tuner comes with a wireless remote control.