Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner KTC SR901

Sirius Satellite Radio is the most preferred radio service in the United States. In any other radio service the music and programs are separated by long periods of commercials. The Sirius Satellite Radio has over 120 channels of commercial-free entertainment and news. Sirius Satellite Radio uses 3 powerful, high-altitude geo-synchronous orbiting satellites to beam down their channels. These satellites ensure that you get minimal service interruptions and multi-path interference, so that you get the best audio reception. This also ensures coast to coast coverage across mainland United States. The radio service has 65 channels devoted only to different genres of music, from Hip-Hop to Pop to Rock and many more. The remaining channels have news, sports, information and entertainment. News coverage is extensive, covering US, the world and also dedicated financial news. There is weather and traffic news, to keep you informed of traffic and bad weather situations, when you are on long drives. There are channels which feature famous talk shows and there are entertainment channels having Disney and E! Entertainment.

To receive the Sirius Satellite Radio you need to pay a monthly subscription and a one time activation fee. You also need to have a tuner which is capable of receiving the signals of Sirius Satellite Radio. There are many models of tuners available in the market that are made by Sirius, as well as other popular audio equipment manufacturers. There are tuners available for installing at home, in a vehicle or in a boat with a marine radio. The tuner by itself is unable to give any output, and has to be connected to Sirius-ready receivers or home theater systems. In a vehicle the Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner should be compatible with your head unit or after-market stereo.  Due the popularity of Sirius Satellite Radio many famous companies are making Sirius Satellite Radio Tuners that are compatible with their receivers.

The Kenwood company has come out with the Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner KTC SR901, which is compatible with most 2002 Kenwood CD and Cassette Receivers in a vehicle. Nearly all the latest Kenwood head units are Sirius-ready and have connections and controls which interface with the KTC-SR901. With this tuner you will need to buy the Kenwood CX-SR10 exterior surface-mount antenna. You can attach this antenna directly into the antenna input on the KTC-SR901.

The Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner KTC SR901 has output terminals with cables that go to an external CD changer or directly into a compatible head unit. You can also connect it via 5-line changer terminal. The tuner comes with a warranty for one year and is quite reasonably priced. The tuner is quite compact and can be installed and kept hidden from view. It has a width of 7.25 inches, a height of 1.25 inches and depth of 8.31 inches. The installing takes only a few minutes and is quite simple. The display on your head unit will show the song title, artist name, the channel name and channel number. But the amount of information is known to differ, according to the type of head unit that you have.