Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner KTC

The Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner KTC-SR903, can be connected to any compatible Kenwood receiver, and you will get over 120 channels of quality entertainment and news from the Sirius Satellite Radio service. The channels include 65 channels of music, sport channels, news channels and entertainment channels. The Kenwood changer-controlling receivers made between 2002 to 2004, and select models of 2001 are all compatible to this tuner. The tuner is flat and compact with dimensions of 7-9/16 inches in width, 1-3/16 inches of height and 6-1/8 inches of depth. It fits un-obtrusively in any part of your vehicle. Selecting channels can be done by either number or category. The tuner has a display readout which gives information regarding the channel name and number, the artist name, album title and song title. If you already have an FM head unit you can use this tuner in conjunction with the Kenwood KCA-R71FM, FM modulator, to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio through an unused FM band.

The antenna you have to buy separately, with a single-cable connection. The front panel of the tuner  has a 13-pin female jack that connects to the compatible Kenwood head unit, using a supplied connection cable. This has to be connected to the CD changer input in the head unit. If you need to use a CD changer, then there is a CD changer, pass-through connection on the tuner, and both can be daisy chained together. There are also left and right RCA audio connectors on the front panel. If you are using a controller unit there is an 8-pin female jack, to be used with it. The back panel of the tuner has 13-pin female jack that can connect to optional Kenwood changer or Music Keg.

Scanning and selecting channels is very easy with the Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner KTC-SR903. You can do this by number or category. The radio stations are organized by dividing them into various categories. For example there might be 5 radio stations, who feature Rock music and these channels will be categorised under Rock. You can scan between categories and then under each category you can search among the channels that are listed. Depending on your head unit, the channel search feature will differ, and so will the number of presets.

To receive the Sirius Satellite Radio on to your tuner, you have to subscribe to their service and you have to pay $15 as a one time activation fee and $12.95 each month for continued use. There is another tuner which is called the Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner KTC-H2A1. This device is a compact tuner and looks like a car audio component. It measures 5 inches wide and is less than 2 inches tall and will easily fit anywhere in your car. It has a four-line LCD display that can scroll and offers information like the channel name and number, preset number, the name of the performing artist and the song title. The display brightness can be controlled and has three levels of brightness settings.