Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner For

The Sirius Satellite Radio has three powerful satellites, hovering over mainland United States, to beam down the best in radio entertainment and news. They have 130 channels and counting, of the best music, talk shows, comedy, news, sports and general entertainment. This radio service has become very popular and people prefer to have it in their homes, vehicles and even in boats. Due to its popularity many audio equipment manufacturers, provide receiver models that are Sirius-ready and have to be attached to a Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner For receiving all the channels of Sirius Satellite Radio. You have to pay a monthly subscription fee to receive this radio service, and once you are connected you will receive commercial-free entertainment 24/7. The news coverage is also excellent with news of US, Financial news, World news, weather forecasts and traffic news.

Sirius Satellite Radio has 65 channels devoted to different genres of music and the sports channels covers all the games and events of NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA and NASCAR. So this is the perfect radio service for someone who enjoys music and who is a sports fan. The Sportster 5 is a Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner For such a person. This tuner is a plug-and-play device which is portable and can be easily be moved between cars, and can even be taken into a rented car. The tuner looks very sophisticated and sleek, with its large multi-color display. The display is easy to view and the interface is easy to use. The colors on the screen can be selected to your preferences and can be changed at any time. The rotary knob on the front panel lets you tune channels on the fly. The tuner has the universal docking capability which makes it so portable. The vehicle kit that comes along with the tuner, has a dock with suction cup and vent mounts, remote control, a power adapter, satellite antenna with a magnetic mount and FM extender antenna.

The Sportster 5, Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner For vehicle comes packed with a lot of features which are ideal for a sports enthusiast. The GameAlert function lets you flag an upcoming sporting event or your favourite team, and the tuner will alert you when the game is about to begin or when your team is about to play. On the display screen it will also show updates when someone scores. The screen will also list all your favourite team's score. This radio also has a built-in memory buffer, that enables you to pause, rewind and replay up to 44 minutes of live radio stream, provided you have been listening to that channel for that long. You can preset 30 of your favourite channels so that you  have a faster access to them, and don't have to search for them every time. The Jump button function enables you to instantly go to a channel you have previously set. It could be the local traffic or weather update or any other station of your liking.