Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner

The Sirius Satellite Radio is an unparalleled service in radio entertainment. There are over 120 radio stations covering music, entertainment, sports and news. It is not just the number of channels that are featured but the quality of programs are also excellent and all this you get to hear commercial-free and in high fidelity stereo digital sound. There are channels that cover topics like Family and health and talk about health issues, and the latest in medicine and health products. The entertainment channels cover shows by Oprah, Martha Stewart and Howard Stein. There are channels with themes like comedy, Disney and E! Entertainment. The music selection is very comprehensive and has more than 65 channels devoted to different genres of music like Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rock, Country, Classical and many more. There are interesting debates and talk shows on current affairs and politics. The news coverage is also the best in its class and covers US news, Financial news, International news and Traffic and Weather. For the sports enthusiast the radio service covers every event of NBA, NHL, NFL, Nascar, soccer, PGA tours and horse racing. It also gives news on all the major sports events taking place in the world.

You need a subscription for this fantastic radio service, and is available only in mainland USA, from coast to coast. For receiving this service you need a Sirius radio or a Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner, which will connect to your Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready, AV receiver or your home theater system. There are also Sirius Satellite Radio Tuners available, which can connect to the head unit of your vehicles.

For your home there are many models of tuners available, from the most basic to the most sophisticated which are packed with many features. A superior model of the Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner for home is the Sirius SR-H550. This tuner is compatible with any of your AV receiver or home theater system which is Sirius-ready. Once you have integrated it, into your system the tuner will give RCA stereo or Optical Digital audio outputs according to the design of your receiver. The tuner comes with an indoor/outdoor, antenna with a 19.75 feet long cable. The installation is very simple and quick, and you can easily do it by yourself. If your audio equipment is high on features and has digital surround sound capability, you can use the supplied 38 inch optical digital cable, to connect the tuner to your system. The cable allows ultra low noise and distortion benefits, and you can take advantage of the Digital Signal Processing features that your system has.

The SR-H550, Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner comes with a handy remote control. The remote has a numeric pad of 10 buttons which can be used for direct tuning. The other buttons on the remote include mute, previous channel, display, band, memory, and separate menu buttons. The +/- buttons are used for controlling channels and category tuning and also as cursor control for navigating through the menus or channel lists.