Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner

The Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner is a device that receives the Sirius Satellite Radio service. This service has over 120 channels of quality entertainment, music, sports and news. Music occupies more than 65 channels and gives you all types of music from Rock to Latin and International. All the channels are commercial-free and so you have a non-stop entertainment and news service broadcasting on your radio. The news coverage is extensive and covers all of US and the world. There are debates and talk shows covering current events, religion and health. Sport channels cover all the NFL and NBA games and give you all the news of sports events from around the world. The Sirius Satellite Radio is a paid service and you have to get an account with them and pay a monthly subscription fee.

Sirius and other popular audio equipment companies manufacture different models of Sirius Satellite Radio Tuners. One such company is Tivoli Audio and they have come up with a model that receives Sirius Satellite Radio, as well as AM and FM radio channels. This radio is housed in a real cherry-wood wooden cabinet, and its dimensions are 8.3 inches in width, a depth of 5.2 inches and 4.5 inches height. The radio has a stereo sound output, and has a built-in timer with Sleep and Playback features. It also has a alarm clock, that will play the radio at a particular channel at the desired time. It has an LCD tuning display and other display illumination lights. You can preset 20 of your favourite radio stations on this radio. It comes with an infra-red remote control and antennas for Sirius, AM and FM. The power requirement are met through an AC adapter which is supplied, or you can also buy an optional 12-volt DC adapter for playing the radio in a car or a boat.

This Tivoli Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner has a rich sound and excellent reception of all signals including AM and FM. The LCD display is in blue color and is easy to read. It shows the name of the Sirius channel, the song title and the performing artist. When the radio is not playing the display will show the time in digital numeric or analog clock format. The presets are stored in 4 banks of 5 channels each of the Sirius channels. It cannot store any AM or FM channels. The radio has a single 3-inch speaker mounted on the top panel, with a protective metal grille. Although it has a single speaker the sound quality is excellent and also the reception of Sirius channels are totally free of static and noise.

The rear panel offers a wide range of connectivity choices. There is a headphone jack and an auxiliary input, that enables you to connect a CD or MP3 player. There is also a mix input that lets you have another external source with the Model Satellite's AM, FM, Sirius or auxiliary radio. The connections for the AM, FM and Sirius antennas are all on-board.