SIRIUS Satellite Radio System

The most prominent and unique feature of SIRIUS satellite radio system is probably its commercial-free programming that attracts listeners for an uninterrupted experience. There are various kinds of radio sets that can be bought for playing Sirius satellite radio. It is dependent on where you wish to play your radio- at home, in the vehicle or outdoors. For listeners on the move, there are portable radio sets that work on a plug-and-play technology. If you wish to listen to radio while working out, you can install Serius internet radio on your iPhone and have a nice time.

So to begin with, SIRIUS satellite radio system, also called a digital radio system, is an exclusive radio that accepts the signals broadcasted by the satellites. Due to this, a listener can enjoy his favorite channel anywhere he goes as his radio can receive signals comfortably. The signals don’t have the obstacle of station power or geographical constraints like our earth’s curvature. This way you can have crisp and clear, 100% commercial-free, CD quality music sent to your car audio system or home radio from space directly!

Just imagine that you are driving to a weekend vacation spot with family and friends some miles away. Your car radio can play the same channel by receiving a signal from over 20,000 miles far away and that too, very clearly. So ideally, you can drive from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida without switching to another station even once! There will not be even a temporary break-down or hitch. Moreover, there will be absolutely no commercials that interfere between you and your favorite music or news shows. SIRIUS satellite radio system has made it possible to listen to radio programs that are uninterrupted and without any distortion from one coast to another in the USA.

Sirius entered into a joint venture with XM radios that is also a satellite or digital programming service. It employs two satellites, fondly called as ‘Rock’ and ‘Roll’, for broadcasting signals and they are stationed in geostationary orbit right above the equator, along with ground-based repeaters. This company is located in Washington, DC. On the other hand, SIRIUS satellite radio system is a DARS service in the USA that offers around 125 streams of music, sports, weather updates and entertainment. These channels are broadcast using 3 satellites in an elliptical geosynchronous orbit lying above North America. Sirius Radio Company is headquartered in New York City. It follows the pay-for-service radio model that does not have any advertisements.

The SIRIUS satellite radio system has attractive monthly subscription plans wherein you can choose a package and service based on what channels you want. The basic subscription starts at about $13 each month and you can have more than 130 streams of commercial-free music, weather, sports updates, discussions and entertainment shows. Sirius internet radio can be played with a simple internet broadband connection on a computer. The best thing is that you don’t have to sign long-term contracts and spend lot of money with SIRIUS.