SIRIUS Satellite Radio Subscription

Just like cable television you need to have a SIRIUS satellite radio subscription for availing of the service. It works on the pay-for-service model and monthly fees are charged to the users according to the plan they choose. When you subscribe to a Serius satellite service, you will receive clarity in signals and commercial-free music from one coast to another, no matter where you are going. There are 130 channels to play music, news, weather and traffic updates. The joint venture between Sirius and XM allows listeners to switch to the best XM channels that were not available in Sirius before.

The basic preparation needed on your side is to buy a Sirius radio set based on where you plan to play it. There are dock and play radios, portable radios and plug-and-play radios offered by the company. If you want portability and ease of use, plug-and-play radios are good for you. They can be used at home, in your vehicle, in your office or even outdoors on a picnic. For home use, a standard dock and play radio set will work well. If you are sailing, portable radios can act as a guide for stormy weather etc. and alert you. After you have done this, you can go through the various options for a SIRIUS satellite radio subscription.

There are numerous packages in the SIRIUS satellite radio subscription aimed at families, sports and news enthusiasts and for Sirius and XM radio channels. You can also create a customized package for yourself by including all those channels you wish to listen and tune in to. The basic membership starts at around $13 for a month. You can discontinue the service at any point of time if you are not happy with it, which is rare!

The users should note that if the radio set is not operating well and has some issues, the subscription amount will be still debited from your account until you cancel the membership. You have to specifically notify Sirius that your radio set is not working well and hence you wish to stop the service. In addition to this, you will need to get the set repaired if the SIRIUS satellite radio subscription has to be revived.

In case of family friendly packages, there are 2 choices. The first one includes 120 channels broadcasting family-suitable Sirius programs and the ‘Best of XM’ that comprises of assorted XM channels. The second one is similar offering 115 channels and also has rebates on annual subscription costs. Both these plans do not include those streams that frequently broadcast mature programming not suitable for kids.

Then there are other SIRIUS satellite radio subscription packages having 65 or 50 channels of music along with selected talk show channels. They don’t consist of online radio entertainment through Sirius Internet Radio. You can also personalize your subscription package by selecting 100 channels from the Sirius lineup and the best ones in XM. You will have to buy an A La Carte- capable Sirius radio for this.