Sirius Satellite Radio Subscription

There are various offers available from which customers can enjoy uninterrupted transmission of radio programs to their homes only by paying the subscription fees which can be in monthly, quarterly or annual payments.
The Family Friendly package allows you and the entire family to enjoy over 115 channels from which you can choose from. The package does not include channels which have mature programming. It also contains discounts and savings on annual subscription plans.
For news, sports and enthusiasts of talk shows, Sirius has a package specially designed to stream to the comfort of your living rooms some of the biggest names in entertainment, news and talk show hosts. The live streaming of these programs allows listeners to keep their ears glued to their sets for an up to date analysis on what is happening where and when. This package also contains live games and races and also numerous sports channels.
A La Carte Gold gives customers the ability to create one’s own personalized package in which to choose from, this is in addition to some very exciting channels on XM. This package does not charge extra cash on premium channels or live games, be it from the NFL, NASCAR or college sports. To activate this package and be able to enjoy its services, you would be required to purchase an A La Carte capable Sirius radio. This package though is not inclusive of online access to Sirius internet radio.
The A La Carte package allows you to choose what you would like to listen. You can pick channels from a selection of the over 100% commercial free music or sports talk channels. Also in the list of channels to choose from are news, traffic and weather channels enabling you to have a personalized deal?
All the premium charges costs are not included here and you would be required to pay extra to enjoy them. It is also not inclusive of live games or races. And just like the A La Carte Gold, you must also have capable Sirius radio to get the numerous channels available besides the ones you have subscribed for.
There is also a comprehensive combined package of Sirius and XM, which allows you to enjoy all the programs that you can imagine all in one package. From golden oldies to the latest music, this is quite an all-in-one deal giving you the opportunity to get sports and entertainment news from all the radio personalities you can think of.
Channels available cover music from all genres, plus other stations which mainly air music from one or two artists, like the Siriusly Sinatra and Elvis radio, which plays music exclusively by these artists. Annual subscriptions have discounts tagged on them.
For the family a combined package within the Sirius XM Family Friendly All-IN-One, will keep the whole everyone glued to their seats with entertainment for children, wide sports coverage, and the best in commercial music. This will require a MiGRE SXMIR1 radio installed to activate it.