SIRIUS Satellite Radio Stations

After a hard day’s work, the best remedy for tired nerves is a dose of comedy shows. They refresh you and remove all the exhaustion from the body. Sirius has a whopping five channels especially for comedy shows with quality programming. All these channels are worth listening to as they have the best hosts who deliver humor and lighten up the day.

The five SIRIUS satellite radio stations under Comedy category are:

1. Blue Collar Radio- channel 103:

Blue Collar Radio broadcasts the listeners’ much-loved shows from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and everyman humor from renowned comedians. There are hilarious stand-up artists as well for entertainment. The regular shows include the NASCAR fans show that is aired on Thursdays. It is hosted by Mark who will discuss about top drivers and the buzz about them.

2. Raw Dog Comedy- channel 104:

This is one of the SIRIUS satellite radio stations that has uncontrolled and uncensored comedy for you. It is comedy from the edge- absolutely. The channel features classic comedy, fresh new stand-up programs and original shows such ‘Fridays with Breuer’ and ‘Stand Up, Sit Down’. This station does not follow any rules or regulations for comedy, so kids need to be monitored while listening to this channel.

The regular shows are ‘Funny in the morning’ hosted by Sonny Fox ,‘Comedy by request’, ‘Unmasked’, ‘Sounds from Space’, ‘The Oscar the Cat show’, ‘The Alternative Comedy show’, ‘Mojo Nixon’s political show’ and a late-night program, ‘Getting Late’.

3. Laugh USA- channel 105:

Everyone can have a hearty laugh with the Laugh USA channel. Each day you can treat yourself to the best comic artists like Jim Gaffigan, Jerry Seinfeld and Dane Cook. For classic comedy lovers, there are shows from George Carlin, Steven Wright, Bill Cosby and Monty Python. For funny songs, you have Weird Al and others to entertain you.

The show ‘Right between the ears’ that is aired on Saturdays is a beautiful blend of topical satire and comedy sketches. It has been going on for 20 years and still a favorite.

4. The Foxxhole- channel 106:

This is one of the SIRIUS satellite radio stations with Jamie Foxx, who is an Academy-award winning actor and a Grammy nominated artist. He has won the American Music Award and is a great comedian. The Foxxhole is live all the time and plays small pieces of comedy from numerous comedy artists. It aims at changing the way radio listeners are offered comedy. Moreover, there are shows featuring music, skits, Radio Theater and so on.

The highlight of the channel, amongst other shows, is the Jamie Foxx Show aired each Friday that is a hot favorite.

5. The Virus (XM)- channel 197:

The Virus focuses on being different than the other SIRIUS satellite radio stations. Originally an XM station, it is now offered to Sirius radio members in ‘The Best Of XM’ subscription package. It has shows by Opie and Anthony in the morning, with Ron and Fez later on in the day.