SIRIUS Satellite Radio Station

Everybody has his own favorite SIRIUS satellite radio station according to his or her preferences. Some channel might remind you of your school life or your early married life. Sirius radio has played an important role in entertaining millions of listeners over the world due to its wide variety of channels offered and 100% commercial-free programming. 

Did you know that you can now include XM radio stations to your current Sirius membership? Yes!! When you do this, you can get the most-liked XM radio channels such as Oprah Radio, MLB Home Plate, Opie and Anthony, NHL and NBA games along with the 24x7 NHL Home Ice channel, the PGA Tour network, college level sports, each and every IndyCar series race and XM Public Radio. So this makes many additions to your preferred SIRIUS satellite radio station. There is also a 50% discount scheme offered to new subscribers of Sirius at present.

The hottest SIRIUS satellite radio station is the Oprah Radio for obvious reasons that Oprah Winfrey hosts the shows in addition to other well-known personalities. If you wish to know how O Magazine got hold of none other than Michelle Obama for its cover page or how Michelle is in real life, you must tune in to Oprah Radio. You will also get an insight about how the cover shoot for the magazine went about when the First Lady was there!