Sirius satellite radio star mate:

Radios have been providing good entertainment service for many decades now. An invention which was intended for communication purpose became an entertainment product because of its commercialization. Radios which were first terrestrial then became satellite service. The terrestrial services had inconveniences which have been overcome by satellite radios. The receivers of radio signals too have been adapted to the changing technologies. When satellite radio services were introduced in the early 1990s the company which entered into the field was Sirius Company. Since then it has established itself as a pioneer in satellite radio service. It has grown leaps and bounds and has even entered into NASDAQ. It has been providing a variety of products for radio listeners. They provide satellite radio receivers, their accessories etc. one of their famous satellite radio receiver is the Star mate. 

Features of Star mate:
Star mate is a plug and play device i.e. it can be docked to a car audio system. One of the min features of this Sirius star mate is its ultra sleek design. It matches with most of the cars that are being produced today. This Sirius star mate
Has a wide screen which allows the driver and the passengers to view the name of the radio station that is playing the music and also the name of the artist who performed the song. It has a display of about 5 lines. The buttons provided in the Sirius star mate are big enough for the user to use. Then have been designed in an aesthetic way. The texts in the display are in red color and it helps in using the device while driving at night. It has about 30 preset channels which is very useful in presetting the favorite channels. These presets can be accessed through buttons provided near the display. Sirius star mate has a FM receiver and can receive about 100 FM channels and this ensures continuous music for your ears. The device gives information about any song that is being currently played. The device comes with an antenna and a power adapter which are provided as accessories. You can remove them if you don’t need them. The device’s kit includes even more features such as a cigar lighter. It has a suction cup which can be mounted on the wind shield. It fits perfectly in the windshield and doesn’t affect the rider’s vision. It also has an antenna attached to it. It provides greater signal reception and clarity. It even has game alerts, jump feature and the feature to preview other channels. It provides easy and quick access to live programs. it allows rewind and fast forwarding of any song that is being played. It even has a feature to alert the customer when their preset song is being played. About 30 songs can be added to this alert feature. Sirius star mate even has a real time clock for the convenience of the users. Finally this Sirius star mate is a very fine product from the Sirius Company.