Sirius Satellite Radio Service

Sirius Satellite Radio Service made history in the radio industry, with its first broadcast in 2002. This service totally changed, the way radio was viewed by people. Previously any radio service had a few channels, and could cover an area of few hundred miles. All this has changed, with the introduction of satellite technology in radio broadcasting. Sirius has three powerful satellites in geosynchronous, highly elliptical orbit over the United States. This gives Sirius a coverage of the entire mainland of United States and Canada. You get to hear the same programs, in high quality digital audio, whether you are on the east or the west coast. In addition to the three satellites, Sirius also has a network of terrestrial signal repeaters, to give an uninterrupted radio stream, even in densely built-up urban areas. The coverage and the quality of reception is not the only factors that make Sirius Satellite Radio Service so popular.

Sirius Satellite Radio Service has excellent programming content, and a wide array of channels. There are more than 120 channels consisting of music, sports, talk, news, and entertainment. The 69 music channels are totally commercial-free, and broadcast music streams of almost all genres. The genres include Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, Classical, Christian, Jazz, Latin, Dance and International. There are also certain special music channels that are devoted to a single artist like Elvis Radio, and this channel has every possible song and information about Elvis Presley. Recently a special channel was broadcasted in memory of Micheal Jackson, for a limited period. The Djs of the music channels are highly experienced and famous personalities, and many are musicians themselves, and you will get all the correct information regarding the songs and artists who are performing.

Sirius Satellite Radio Service has a popular line up of many sport channels, which cover all the famous games in America. There are a special group of channels which are devoted only to give you play-by-play coverage of the different games. The other sport channels have popular sport show hosts who give you expert analysis and comments on different games and also interview different players and sports personalities, team owners and celebrities connected with the sports world. The different sporting events and games covered are NBA, NFL, Soccer, NHL, College Sports, NASCAR, Horse Racing, PGA Tour and many more.

The entertainment and talk channels on Sirius Satellite Radio Service, are not only popular, but many have exclusive content which you will not find on any other radio service. The Howard Stern Morning Show is one such program and its popularity is quite well known. You will also get to hear Martha Stewart and her team of lifestyle experts, teaching and guiding you on cookery, gardening, entertaining, wedding planning and many more activities. The other entertainment channels cover comedy programs, channels for children, E! Entertainment and many more.

You will receive news through all the well-known and trusted news channels like CNN, BBC, Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg and so on. These channels cover all the breaking news happening in the country and around the world.