Sirius Satellite Radio Service

Satellite radio has revolutionised the radio industry, and is gaining in popularity. In the United States, Sirius Satellite Radio Service started broadcasting on 1st July 2002. Sirius uses three powerful satellites, to transmit its signals, to the whole of mainland United States from coast to coast. It has now also started broadcasting in Canada. The satellite signal is separated into three carriers, two for the satellites and one for the terrestrial repeater network wherever available. The Sirius satellite radio is designed to decode all the three 4GHz signals at once, so as to achieve signal diversity, which improves the quality of the signal. There is a four second delay between two satellite carrier signals to allow the receiver to maintain a large buffer, so that there can be forward error correction. All this is designed by the Sirius Satellite Radio Service so that you can enjoy an unbroken stream even in the event of the signal being lost for some time, when driving under an overpass or losing line-of-sight alignment with the satellite or ground repeater stations. 

Sirius Satellite Radio Service has its three satellites flying in geosynchronous highly elliptical orbit, in a 24-hour orbital period. The path that the satellites take to orbit, ensures that on of the three satellites is always spending 16 hours a day over mainland United States. This orbit is advantageous because it allows direct overhead broadcasting of signals, which avoids the problem of large building and other objects blocking the signals. 

Sirius Satellite Radio Service has been providing excellent content since its inception. Sirius broadcasts more than 130 channels, comprising of commercial-free music, sports, news and entertainment. It has spent millions in deals and agreements to provide the best entertainment and exclusive content. Some of its exclusive channels are Iceberg Radio, CBC Radio 3, Rock Velours, Sports extra, Hardcore Sports Radio, Sports express, ESPN All Access, Radio Korea, NPR Talk, RCI+, CBC Radio One, Sporting News Radio and The Weather Network Satellite Radio Service. 

Sirius Satellite Radio Service has devoted around 69 channels to music, covering almost all genres. There is Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, Classical, Latin, Jazz, Christian and many more. Each of these categories are further divided into sub-categories, so that it covers everything possible in that genre of music. The Rock category itself has 22 channels playing different sub-genres of Rock. The DJ are experts and give correct information about the music being played. 

Most of the programs are produced by Sirius itself, while some are syndicated programs that are created for terrestrial radio but is broadcasted simultaneously by Sirius and the traditional radio stations. Sirius Satellite Radio Service has many high profile personalities, hosting different shows. There is the controversial Howard Stern with his morning show, Bill Walton of NBA Hall of Fame presenting sport shows, notable skateboarder Tony Hawk and many more. 

The sport channels cover all the popular events and games of NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, Soccer, Horse racing, PGA Tour and much more. The entertainment line up has something for everybody and includes Disney Radio, E! Entertainment and many more channels.