Sirius Satellite Radio Review

Radio industry was revolutionized by the introduction of satellite technology. Never before could a radio service cover an entire country or a continent. Sirius Satellite Radio has three powerful satellites, that cover the whole of mainland United States and Canada, from coast to coast. The company has also installed terrestrial signal repeaters to ensure an unbroken stream even in densely built-up urban areas. The reception of this radio stream is in high quality digital audio, without any static or noise disturbance.

Sirius Satellite Radio gave its first broadcast in 2002, and has been popular ever since. It is not just the area of coverage that makes Sirius Satellite Radio unique, but also the excellent content of its programming. The company invests huge amounts in deals with famous personalities and organizations, to produce the best radio programs and exclusive content. It has roped in the famous Howard Stern in a record-breaking contract amount of $100 million a year. Martha Stewart is another famous personality who has her own channel on Sirius. These different talk shows, comedy channels, kids programs and box office news and programs, make the line up of the entertainment channels. You will find some form of entertainment which caters to every taste and preference.

Sirius Satellite Radio has over 65 channels devoted to music which are totally commercial-free. These channels are divided into categories like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, Country, Latin, Christian, Jazz, Dance and International. These categories have a number of channels under them which play all the types of music available in that genre. Sirius has employed Djs who are the best in the business and many of them are musicians themselves. These Djs provide accurate information on the song and artists, and also certain interesting trivia.

Sirius Satellite Radio was the first to go into a deal with NASCAR, to get exclusive content for its channel which is devoted only to NASCAR sports. It has a great line up of sport channels which include a group of channels that provide play-by-play coverage of all the popular American games. Apart from this there are the channels with popular sports hosts who hold interviews with the famous players and team owners. They bring you exclusive takes from behind the scenes, at a given sports event. The channels cover NBA, NFL, NHL, Soccer, College sports, Horse racing, PGA Tour and much more.

The news channel line up has the most popular names like Fox News, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC and more. These channels have reporters all over the globe and you get to hear all the breaking news as the event is happening. These channels also cover financial and political news and  debates. The different interviews with a wide variety of people will give you different perspectives on the same event, and you will see how an event affects various people in different ways.  There are certain, weather and traffic news channels, that give constant updates and caution you of any impending natural calamities. Traffic news is of certain major cities in the United States, and will inform you of traffic congestions and accidents on the different routes.