Sirius satellite radio receiver

Sirius satellite radio is one of the most popular satellite radios and it gives good coverage over the whole of US as well as Canada. To get a good reception with the near CD like clarity that most satellite radios promise, you will need to have a good quality receiver. A lot of different types of receivers are available in the market and are the prices greatly vary.

Some receivers are dedicated especially for home or car use. These will give exceptional quality as direct connection is given. Most of these receivers come with a bright screen which will give the listener details about the channels they are listening to. The screen will also display what song is playing as well as the artist. Some plug and play receivers come at a very affordable price and are most preferred for home use.

If you want a receiver that can be used at home and then taken out to your car when you leave home, then the plug and play receiver would be ideal for you. Here you can plug the receiver to your car as well as to your home theatre system. Sirius Sporster 5 is one of the popular home and car use receivers. It can be connected to any Sirius compatible device. 

Hand held receivers are by far the most popular as most people who study or work prefer this kind of receiver where they can listen to the amazing programs on the Sirius satellite radio over their headphones and can carry it with them wherever they go. Sirius Stiletto is one such receiver with which you can not only listen to Sirius Satellite Radio but also listen to mp3 that you can load on to it as well. Programs can also be streamed onto it so you need not worry you will miss something you really enjoy listening to. 

Stiletto II is also another popular receiver which also has an extendable memory onto which you can record programs. This is a great feature as you can save programs on it to listen to later or for a friend to listen to. The extendable memory is in the form of microSD chip which are very cheap. On this, you can also make a list of the channels you listen to often so you don’t have to browse through the whole list to find them.

There are some receivers that can be used at home which will also allow AM as well as FM radio. The technology is advancing at a very rapid rate and you get a lot of different brands which sell receivers that perform well at a great price. It is all about looking around enough before you decide on a product. Look into what you will use the satellite radio for. If you are almost always on the move, there is no point in getting a home receiver installed. This way, by making a smart choice, you can make the most of your Sirius satellite radio receiver.