Sirius Satellite Radio Online

Sirius radio can now be listened to online since the channels are streamed in a digital format thereby enabling anyone with internet connection to fully enjoy and listen live to the various channels which are on offer.
Listening to Sirius radio over the internet can be very convenient especially if you are on the move or may be in the office and you don’t have an MP3 player or a Sirius radio or unit. The radio stream can be used on your personal computer. To be able to listen to Sirius radio over the internet you would need to do a couple of things first.
You can use the Sirius satellite radio subscription to gain access to and be able to enjoy the low-quality stream that is free online. The Sirius subscription allows you to listen to well over 80 channels on a 32-Kpbs stream just as long as your monthly subscription is available.
Before you subscribe to Sirius radio you can try out the free trial period that lasts for about 3 days so that you can test whether or not you will be able to join the Sirius family and enjoy the benefits found. This three day period is to allow total access to live radio streaming of high quality content straight from your PC.
You can also be able to upgrade your package to 128kpbs for only a few dollars a month. Sirius’ stream has been compressed differently from all the other internet radio stations since it has near CD quality sound on its music channels.
Sirius satellite radio online has a package and because of this you are able to listen to music from your laptop or PC instead of a radio. The internet package also costs half as much as the satellite service so in the long run if you have your own computer you can subscribe to this.
Not every station is available online and you will more likely need a computer with high speeds so that you can enjoy Sirius radio effectively. The dial-up service is a bit slow so you need to avoid.
Because you might be using your computer in doing some other work, you are advised to pause the internet stream in case you want to download or maybe upload some stuff since when you are streaming audio it uses up a lot of your bandwidth.
The internet stream that allows you to listen to the radio stations can sometimes re-buffer itself incase you are using up lots of bandwidth. To avert this you may need to limit what you are doing so that the stream can continue running smoothly.
You can then enjoy listening to the numerous channels that can be found although over the internet there are no stations transmitting live music or even games and so this might be the only limitation the radio has. You can the listen to Sirius satellite radio online without any problems and you can also stream it for your colleagues at work.