Sirius Satellite Radio News

Sirius Satellite Radio is the most popular satellite radio service in the United States. It broadcasts over 130 channels of quality entertainment, consisting of music, sports, news and entertainment. Out of this huge channel line up, there are nearly 44 channels that are under the News/Talk category, which provide all kinds of news like local, international, financial, traffic and weather.

Sirius Satellite Radio News has many popular names of the news world like CNN, Fox, NPR, HLN, BBC, WRN, CNBC and Bloomberg. CNN is the most trusted source of news from around the world, and CNN news on Sirius, will bring you all the breaking news from around the world and the most informed talk by famous personalities like Larry King, Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer. On weekdays from 6am to 9am, John Roberts and Kiran Chetry along with a team of top journalists will bring the top stories from around the world and locally. From 9am to noon, Tony Harris and Heidi Collins will give you updates and also interviews with the news-makers and trend-setters. This news broadcasting continues through out the day with different hosts. There are many special programs like The Situation Room which is on weekdays from 4pm to 7pm. This reporting combines traditional methods and innovative online resources, to give you more information and transparency in news gathering. The most famous Larry King Live is there daily from 9pm to 10pm, bringing you the popular interviews and topical discussions. There is also a separate channel which relays all the CNN news in Spanish.

Sirius Satellite Radio News also features the famous BBC World Service, which has an amazing amount of informative programs apart from all the news relays. There are programs which analyze current affairs and bring in-depth reporting on events that are shaping our world. The Business Daily is an 18 minute business program, which gives you more perspective on the business events that are happening around the world and shaping the economy. Other programs include news from the world of music, cultural events and trends, news from the digital world, news from Europe and many more interesting programs.

The NPR Now channels will give you the latest in news and entertainment. The NPR channels are more geared in providing different perspectives on the news and events that are happening around the world. The different programs interview people of diverse backgrounds, to give you an idea of what they think and do. There is also a lot of discussion on various arts and literature. The NPR Talk channel is considered the best in call-in talk shows, that any public radio has to offer.

Sirius Satellite Radio News also covers a lot of news and discussions on politics. The Sirius Patriot channel is a Conservative talk radio and the Sirius Left is the Liberal talk station. The Financial news and discussions are covered in-depth by CNBC and Bloomberg radio. The Daily Variety channel will give you the absolute latest box office reports and breaking news in the world of entertainment.