Sirius Satellite Radio Logo

Sirius Satellite Radio was founded in 1990, and was called Satellite CD Radio, Inc. at that time. In 1999 the company moved to its new head-quaters in New York and was renamed Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. Sirius is the name of a bright star, and it is sometimes referred to as the Dog Star. This name was given to the company by its founder David Margolese and its marketing chief Ira Bahr.

Sirius Satellite Radio went on to become the most popular satellite radio service in the United States, and launched three powerful satellites to give coverage to the entire mainland United States and Canada. It has also installed a network of terrestrial signal repeaters to give an uninterrupted signal even in densely built-up urban areas. You can enjoy high fidelity digital quality audio of the Sirius broadcasts on your satellite radio.

Sirius Satellite Radio, broadcasts more than 130 channels of high quality entertainment. There are commercial-free music, sports, entertainment and news channels. More than half the total number of channels are devoted to different genres of music, like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, Jazz, Christian, Latin, Dance and International. These categories are again divided into sub-genres, so that every form of music in that genre is fully covered. Sirius Satellite Radio is also popular for certain exclusive talk shows. The entertainment channels line up have these different talk shows, plus channels on comedy and ones devoted to the box office and news from the world of Hollywood. For kids there is Radio Disney and Kid's Place. The sport channels line up has some exclusive coverage of NASCAR and NHL. The other sports covered are NBA, NFL, Soccer, College, Horse racing, PGA Tour and many other popular sporting events. The news channels apart from covering the latest regional and international news, give frequent updates on weather and traffic.

The Sirius Satellite Radio Logo is known to have been used since 2004. The Logo depicts the words “Sirius Satellite Radio” in blue color and the black silhouette of a dog with a star for its eye. The background is white or transparent. The Sirius Satellite Radio Logo is the brand emblem of Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. and for Sirius Canada, and is used to identify common radio channels carried by both Sirius and XM. The logo's significance is to make the reader identify the brand, on any device or on paper and to assure him that he has reached the content of Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc. Although the services of Sirius and XM are still broadcasted separately, they are wholly owned subsidiaries of Sirius XM Radio, Inc. and the logo is used on XM page as well, to denote the Best of Sirius, package.

The dog in the Sirius Satellite Radio Logo is unofficially, called Mongo. This name came about when certain announcers in a NASCAR rally, suggested the name after a vote, for an entry. Jimmy Spencer was later nicknamed Mongo, in the later races.