SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc.

SIRIUS satellite radio Inc. was officially inaugurated on 1st July, 2002 and is based in New York, US. Its operations span the United States and Canada. It is basically a satellite radio service having other studios in Los Angeles and Memphis. Recently the company also merged with XM Radio and now it is called SIRIUS XM Radio too.

It presently broadcasts over 125 channels in different genres of music and also has certain celebrity-hosted channels for its listeners. These channels are broadcasted with the help of different satellites installed by the company that orbit in the sky.

SIRIUS satellite radio Inc.’s satellites are known as Radiosat. This is because Sweden-based company Nordic Satellite AB or SES Sirius has already launched a fleet of satellites called Sirius that work for general telecommunications and satellite TV across Sweden and the remaining parts of Scandinavia.

Presently, the core up linking service for Serius is situated in Vernon city in Sussex in New Jersey. Prior to this, this provision was made on the top of the Sirius studios building in Rockefeller Center in New York City. Now it is no more commissioned there. As of now, SIRIUS satellite radio Inc. has only one geostationary satellite that was added in 2008. The remaining three satellites fly in geosynchronous highly elliptical orbit or the Tundra orbit in an orbital time-frame of 24 hours.

The elliptical route of its satellite group makes sure that every satellite hovers over the United States for at least sixteen hours each day. Along with this, there is one satellite minimum over the US at any point of time. The orbit lets the satellites to broadcast programs in a straight line overhead the continental region of the US. This way there is no hurdle of high-rise buildings or residential towers coming in the way of the signal. Moreover the size of the terrestrial repeater network can be kept to a minimum as compared to its partner, XM radio.

SIRIUS satellite radio Inc. got its spacecraft manufactured by Space Systems. The current satellite fleet has Radiosat 1 through Radiosat 4 series founded on the Loral 1300 platform. The first three in this series were launched in 2000 by Proton-K Block-DM3 launch vehicles, while the final 3-satellite constellation was over by 30th November, 2000. Radiosat 4 is still not orbited and has been stored at Space Systems in their Palo Alto facility in California. This satellite can be launched anytime if one of the three satellites has transmission issues. The best thing about them is that they all broadcast straight away to the user’s receiver. Since the orbit is very elliptical only two of these satellites can transmit signals at a particular time.

The fifth satellite, SIRIUS FM-5 was orbited on 9th July 2009 and is in the testing mode while the SIRIUS FM-6 is on its way. It is slated to be placed at 96 degrees on the west. You must have realized how important a satellite is to radio services such as SIRIUS satellite radio Inc. by now!