Sirius Satellite Radio Inc

Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc., was formed in 1990, and was called Satellite CD Radio, Inc., at that time. It was Robert Briskman, an ex-NASA engineer, who got the idea of forming a company which would broadcast digital radio signals via satellites. The company found some investors for this venture and one of them was a Canadian venture capitalist, David Nargolese, who invested $1 million in this company. Later he also began working for the company and was named its CEO.

The main aim of the company was to provide satellite radio service to customers, who would receive the broadcasts on special receivers. The company would earn revenues by charging the customer a monthly subscription fee. In 1992 the company came to be known as CD Radio, Inc. In 1994 it made its initial public offering of stock, on the NASDAQ, and raised close to $7.5 million. In 1997 the company bought the license granted by the Federal Communications Commission, to broadcast digital radio signals, for an amount of $83.3 million. In November 1999, the company was renamed Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc., and moved to its new, 100,000 square foot office in Manhattan. This new place had multiple broadcast studios, a music library and a satellite tracking center.

Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc., launched its first satellite in July 2000, and was followed by two more launches. The satellites are named Radiosat, and the current uplink facility is located in Vernon, Sussex County, New Jersey. The three Radiosat satellites, are in geosynchronous elliptical orbit, and each satellite spends 16 hours a day, directly over continental United States.

Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc., with a view to provide the best programming content, to its customers, has spent millions of dollars, to ink exclusive deals with famous personalities and sport corporations. The company made the largest deal in October 2004, with Howard Stern. It was a five-year agreement, costing $100 million a year, to own exclusive rights to Stern's radio show. It also gave Stern the right to build three full-time programming channels. The other important deals were with Martha Stewart, E Street band member Steven Van Zandt, Jimmy Buffett and Eminem. Among the sports corporations, Sirius has got exclusive rights for NASCAR, and has exclusive channels only to cover NASCAR events.

Sirius Satellite Radio, Inc., broadcasts over 130 channels, which contain music, sports, news and entertainment. There are about 69 commercial-free music channels which provide all the popular genres like Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Classical, Country, Jazz, Christian, Latin and many more. These categories are again divided into sub-categories, so that every possible genre in that category is covered. The news channels have the big names like CNN, CNBC, Fox news, Bloomberg, BBC and many more, who provide local, regional, and international news, covering all topics including finance and politics. All the popular sports are covered by the extensive coverage of the sport channels. There is play-by-play coverage of all the important games of NBA, college sports, NHL and many more. The entertainment channels include comedy, Disney radio, E! Entertainment and many popular talk shows.