Sirius Satellite Radio Home Tuner

There are many models of tuners which are able to receive the Sirius Satellite Radio channels. These tuners are designed according to the place where they will be used. There are tuners that are suitable for use in the house and there are models that are built for vehicles. There are certain models, which are portable and can be used for home as well as in a vehicle. Sirius Satellite Radio Tuners by themselves cannot give an output and they should either be connected to a Sirius-ready receiver or the radio should have a built-in tuner.

The SR-H550 is a Sirius Satellite Radio Home Tuner, and is capable of receiving all the 130 channels of Sirius Satellite Radio service. This is a versatile tuner as it gives RCA stereo and optical digital outputs, so that you can use it with any Sirius-ready home receiver that you might be having. The tuner integrates seamlessly into your home theater system or with any AV receiver.

The SR-H550 has a sleek design in a silver color and will blend in with your other audio equipments. The tuner has a blue 6 line display that shows the channel name and number, the song title and the artist name, and also game information like teams and scores, if you have tuned into any of the sport channels. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of the display to your preference and also change the size of the font to a larger size, for better visibility. There are different ways available by which you can scan or search for channels. The default mode is where you sequentially go to the next channel or previous channel by pressing the +/- buttons. A search can be done according to category as well. You choose the category by pressing the +/- buttons, and then within the category use the +/- buttons to choose the required channel. There is a direct way by which you can tune in the channel numbers directly. Lastly you have the preset list where current programs are listed, of your preset stations, six at a time. You can preset 30 of your favourite Sirius Satellite Radio channels, and they are organised into three groups of 10 channels each. There is also a channel skip function by which you can easily skip channels in a list, and prevent them from being accessible in the search mode. These channels can still be accessed by direct tuning.

This Sirius Satellite Radio Home Tuner has many features packed into it. The Look Ahead feature lets you see what is playing on other channels, without disturbing the channel that you are listening to. You can scroll through the channel line-up and see the information on what is playing, before you decide to leave the current channel. The information displayed can be switched from channel name to song title to artist name. The memory function can save the required program information in memory so that it can alert you when the same is being relayed at a future date or on a different channel.