SIRIUS Satellite Radio Home

Meal times are only short of a battlefield for some parents. This is because they have fussy eaters at home who also have the bad habit of watching television while eating. Though doctors suggest this is not advisable, how will the parents solve this problem? The SIRIUS satellite radio home unit is here and offers numerous channels for entertaining everybody in the family. Once the kids are used to it, they will eat faster and better! Of course this is not the only use of a Serius radio at home. Homemakers can enjoy cooking and cleaning while your favorite music or talk show is being broadcasted in the background. A lazy weekend can be spent simply at home in the company of your Sirius radio unit.

SIRIUS satellite radio home offers around 130 channels for you to choose from. These include music channels, sports channels, talk shows and discussions and celebrity-branded channels such as Martha Stewart, Howard Stern. For adults, there are separate adult content channels as well. The best part about it is that you can block these channels for kids as they might not be suitable for them to listen to. And all this comes with a 100% commercial-free guarantee from the company. Leaving a few programs, all the music is broadcasted without a single commercial on Sirrus. There are various models of radios that you can buy for home use from Sirius.

SIRIUS satellite radio home makes sure that the listener or the consumer is satisfied with the performance of its radios. The company suggests some tips to avoid complication in the home antenna unit installation process and also specifies the most effective methods for the same. The only purpose is to help the customer get connected to the radio at home as fact as possible in the correct way. To start with, there are two kinds of SIRIUS antennas for home use:

1. SIRIUS Outdoor/Indoor Home antenna: This kind of antenna is resistant to weather and can be located indoors as well as outdoors. It comes along with the Serius home radio kit in some models and also with Sirius boombox packages. It is important to properly aim and fine-tune this antenna for clear reception of signals and works well for majority of home unit installations.

2. SIRIUS Outdoor Home antenna: As the name says, this antenna is supposed to be mounted outside the house. It includes an extension arm and ability to pole-mount outdoors. This way you can have a wide choice for mounting and aiming locations as compared to the Indoors/Outdoors antenna. Moreover, in case of difficult installations, there is great flexibility in mounting for optimum reception of signals. You can buy this antenna as a component of a home radio kit or even separately.

The SIRIUS satellite radio home is sure to give you and your family immense entertainment everyday. The customer support from the company is excellent and they are ready to help you with installation or other issues at all times.