Sirius satellite radio contact

Satellite radio is a great discovery that gives uninterrupted music to all its listeners. There are two popular service providers of satellite radios. They are the Sirius and XM and it is required to get subscribed to one of these providers in order to listen to music. Satellite radio is much preferred over the conventional radios because it overcomes the constraint of dependency of area for signal. Since satellites are used with the broadcasting of signals, wide footprint is provided and it is practically possible to listen to the same station from traveling from one coast to another. Sirius satellites are named after the Sirius constellation in the sky and it has got 4 launch vehicles. The set up is very easy and it is very easy to start listening to the music. Sirius is popular in the Unites states, Canada and one can get good customer support through the chain of contacts it provides. Sirius offers interruption free entertainment. And it also provides free channels along with its package. One can seek the help of Sirius in for various purposes like vehicle installation tips, home installation, product documentation, channel guide etc.

One can easily make payments through online options and one can also very easily create new accounts. All it takes is just a click to set up and activate your account. One can create a new account, set-up the activation date and time and also register as a new Sirius customer through online options. Before making the activation one has to be aware of the ID/ESN number of the Sirius receiver and one must also have a good credit card. Care must be taken to install the Sirius antenna in the exteriors. It can be preferably placed on the terrace facing the sky. Sirius tuner can be tuned to channel 184 during the first time installation. Sirius has a good customer care division that caters to the needs of the customers and the customers are encouraged to contact the division for any type of assistance they need. The customers are required to have their account number in hand before contacting the customers division and they can give all their comments, questions and suggestions. One can also email to ‘EMAIL CUSTOMER CARE’ or call Sirius at 1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474).One can also submit their requests of playing the recordings in the Sirius. These recordings can be submitted to Music Programming department. The mailing address is 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.One can even make song request to be played in a particular station. The user can just log into the website and choose the channel in which the user requires to play the song and must fill in a simple form .Thus the steps are very simple to play the favorite tunes live on the radio! One can also discuss advertisements, sponsorships; media events etc with Sirius and the contact is made via email .One must include their contact information when mailing Sirius and also other details about the opportunity.