Sirius Satellite Radio Com is the official website of the Sirius radio which has information about all the important stuff that you would need to know concerning the radio. Sirius radio has been able to change the way people listen to radio as they have not only offered numerous channels for listeners but have also come up with innovative ways by which people enjoy their services. allows you access to the various channels once you login by your user name. Listeners will be able to tune into the channels playing music from different genres which makes it possible to satisfy the tastes of different groups of people. There are some stations plating only one kind of music while others play music fro only one artiste for example the Elvis channel which is dedicated to playing his songs on a 24 hour basis.
There is also the favorite love songs channel which plays very sentimental music for you and the E street radio which is hosted by Bruce Springsteen on a 24 hour basis. There are also various news channels to keep you updated on what is going on around the world and also sports.
The program lineup will leave you not only amazed but also very impressed. Some of the biggest names not only from the entertainment industry but also talk show hosts and famous personalities have their own shows. Some of the big names include Martha Stewart, Howard Stern who hosts the most popular radio station in the country and Oprah Winfrey.
At Sirius satellite you can be able to get information on how to activate and install new gear that you have purchased. You can either be given directions on how to install if you want to do it yourself or can get professional advice. You can get information on vehicle installation, home antenna tips and the product manuals.
You can also get Sirius radio online through subscription. You will be given a user name and a password so that you can listen to uninterrupted, commercial free music from your PC or your mobile phone. This also has a 7 day trial period which you can sign in for using your email address.
At Sirius satellite you can activate your own Sirius account if you are not currently a subscriber. You can also while doing so sign is as a customer. You will also find out what you will be required to have for you to open an account and that would be an ID and a major credit card.
Sirius lets you have a peek at the various Sirius gadgets and equipments that are available to help boost your reception from receivers to antennas to the mobile units that are on offer, the complete wireless bundles, on Sirius radio.som, which are available for use in cars and the different designs and specifications in which they can be found.
Here you will also get to know more about what the company is all about and how to get help in case you encounter any problems.