Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Guide- Find Your Favourite Station

Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Guide is a comprehensive collection of all the channels provided by Sirius Satellite Radio. Sirius satellite radio is a satellite radio service which runs in USA and Canada, and houses its headquarters in New York. The radio service provides as much as 69 music channels, and contributes around 64 other channels dedicated to entertainment, sports and news reports. And the schedule of all these channels could be attained through Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Guide.
Launch of Sirius Satellite Radio:
Sirius Satellite Radio started operating in July, 2002, and since then has broadened its range to include 100s of channels catering to all sorts of radio listeners. In the year 2008, Sirius Satellite Radio merged with its major competitor, XM Satellite Radio, and thereafter is known as Sirius XM Radio.
Sirius Satellite Radio is a 24-hour service, and works on pay-for-service basis. It broadcasts uncensored radio channels including separate music channels, each dealing with a particular genre of music. Hence, the Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Guide contains channel information which would be a delight to all kinds of music lovers. And to their added delight, most of the channels are free of annoying commercials!
What more, as of 2006, most of the Sirius satellite radio channels are available to the whole world via Internet, by the launch of Sirius Internet Radio, even without the use of satellite radio receiver.
Sirius Satellite Radio Channels-Technology and Transmission:
Sirius radio uses satellites which are known as Radiosat, to send signals. These satellites have a 24-hour revolving period, and operate on Tundra Orbit. The Radio service has its uplink facility at Vernon, New Jersey, USA.
Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Guide:
Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Guide gives the listing of all the channels that are transmitted by Sirius Satellite Radio. It broadly categorises the channels into these groups:
- Music
- Sports
- Entertainment
- News, Talk Shows
Music Channels are further classified based on the music genre, such as pop, rock, Christian, hip-hop, country, classic, Latin and world music, and much more.
Sports channels cover live sports matches, talks on sports and the latest events. Even Latin and Spanish sports channels are available.
Entertainment channels cater to a large demography with diverse interests such as lifestyle-oriented programmes, gays/ lesbian channels, comedy, drama, and those pertaining to health and family issues.
News channels are also available in various world languages such as Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. Such channels have been significant, especially after the launch of Sirius Internet Radio.
Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Guide also gives a detailed list of traffic and weather channels available. Emergency weather and travel assistance, which is the only non-subscription channel on the radio service, also forms part of Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Guide.
How to avail the premium subscription package of ‘Best of XM’ is also detailed Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Guide.
Accessing the Guide:
Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Guide can be accessed from the official Sirius Radio site as well as other websites.