Sirius Satellite Radio

This is a satellite service radio which operates in the U.S. which streams over 130 channels of sports, news and entertainment to its listeners. The music being played is from different genres which are commercial free, playing 24 hours a day. There is also a subset of music channels which have been included in the Dish Network Satellite television.
Sirius satellite radio provides pay-for-service, modeled along the lines of cable TV. Some of the talk channels though have regular commercials which may last for about 6 minutes in every hour. To get your radio activated listeners will be required to pay a small subscription fee apart from the usual prepaid charges. The satellite radio can be listened to worldwide in the internet as long as you have a valid user name and a password and because of this Sirius satellite radio has increased its popularity. Sirius satellite radio entered into a merger with their then rivals XM which offered the same services.
The merger was agreed to by the government as long as the company could guarantee that 8& of their channels would be playing content targeting the minority. The merger saw the birth of the company Sirius XM satellite radio. The greatest and most effective business strategy that the company has employed was to sign in some of the biggest names not only in the entertainment industry, but also famous personalities to create the radio streams form the ground and let them grow into popular channels.
Sirius satellite radio plays the widest and most extensive genres of music for its listeners. The various genres of music which include pop, country, hip hop, rock and others have within them sub-genres which Sirius Radio has allocated complete channels. Rock for example has about 22 channels playing the different sub-genres. Sirius satellite radio also has a range of sports personalities to give news and analysis on the latest that is happening in the world of sports. One of the cornerstones of the radio’s strategies, the company has a multi-year deal with the NBA to air live most of the games that are played, besides the full airing of full Court Press which it airs.
Sirius satellite radio also has a number of important deals with some of the college sports so that they can have exclusive rights to air the various games live on their sports channels. They also broadcast a few of the English Premier league matches and has already signed a deal with English premier league team Chelsea. Sirius has also entered into an agreement with BBC’s radio 1 and the launch of Sirius Canada saw American listeners be able to listen to 5 Canadian stations. Sirius Canada added the most famous talk show channel the Howard Stern show.
Sirius satellite radio has also included Cosmo Radio and Playboy Radio under its stable so that listeners can enjoy the exclusive and uncensored music on air. There is a host of exclusive channels available which cater for the small segment of the population whose taste has not been provided.