SIRIUS Satellite Radio

The SIRIUS Satellite Radio gets its name from “Sirius” that is the most brilliant star in the Canis Major constellation and the Northern Hemisphere. This star further is named after the primeval Egyptian God Osirus who was represented in the pictures as a dog and hence Sirius is also known as the Dog Star. So for starters, the SIRIUS radio has absolutely no commercials in any broadcast! Isn’t that great? The company firmly believes that their subscribers must have a fantastic listening experience without any interruption whatsoever.

There are more than 130 channels of SIRIUS Satellite Radio that deliver quality music, news bites, weather and traffic updates round the clock to the United States listeners. You can be abreast of all the sports events and tournaments in your college or over the country with the radio’s sports programming channels without having to attend them in person. The radio is also available on the internet that can be tried free of cost and does not need a physical radio device for use.

Now you must be impressed with the features of this SIRIUS Satellite Radio, so where can you get it? Let us go through the simple procedure of owning a SIRIUS radio so that you can entertain yourself. Following steps are needed for getting this satellite radio:

   1. Select a radio:

First of all, determine that one place where you will listen to the radio regularly and frequently. Is it your car on your way to work or your home while cooking or when you are jogging or on the move? If you listen to music etc in your car or vehicle, buy such a car that has SIRIUS already installed from factory so that you start using it immediately.

SIRIUS satellite radios are specially made available in Audi, Bentley, Mitsubishi, Mazda, BMW, Chrysler, Toyota, Volkswagen, Dodge, Ford, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia and Land Rover. Besides these, the Penske Auto Group and Penske Motor Group provide SIRIUS Satellite Radio as a dealer and factory-installed option for cars and trucks wherever possible.

If you wish to include the radio in your current vehicle, simply install it after choosing from the various models available in the in-vehicle range for audio, audio plus video and traffic needs. If you want a SIRIUS Satellite Radio for home use, buy one from the wide selection of home radios. You can also register and listen to the radio on the internet with SIRIUS Internet Radio or wirelessly anywhere in your house using SONOS or the Logitech Squeezebox Boom.

For people on the go, a portable radio can be purchased for anywhere entertainment.

   2. Decide a programming package:

      There are various packages that will suit everybody’s preferences while listening to SIRIUS Satellite Radio. While some like listening to music only, some want a family-oriented package. You can also customize your package and include the channels you want. The prices differ according to the package chosen and the membership you have subscribed for such as premium etc.

      So take your pick now!