Sirius Satellite Radio

Sirius radio is a satellite operating radio that operates in the United States. It is a radio which has in its stead over 65 channels of music, 65 streams of sports, news and lots of entertainment for their listeners.

There is indeed a varied radio content of commercially free and uncensored matter, which is broadcast on a 24 hour basis thereby ensuring that you get the best from the radio station.

Sirius radio listeners get to enjoy very high quality music that is streamed on to their sets everyday, with the quality measuring about 128K. This is what makes this alternative radio so popular especially amongst the urban population who find the wide variety of programs very much suited for their tastes.

Sirius satellite radio is a pay-for-service radio that is very much similar to cable television. Some talk shows which are extremely popular have regular commercials which last approximately about 6 minutes in an hour.
The Howard stern show is the most listened to radio program and the Sirius hits very much enjoyed by people from all age groups who find the music mature and easy to listen to.

Sirius radio has been able to attract very famous personalities to come host some of the shows that are on air. These famous people have made Sirius radio gain not only credibility and fame but has also seen it increase its market through the ever increasing number of subscribers.

The pursuing of exclusive sports broadcasting rights has also been key to the growth of Sirius satellite radio, since it has been give the majority rights to broadcast more NBA games than any other radio station. Sirius NFL radio is a radio station within the stable covering only the league on a 24-hour basis.

The variety of the radio stations that are available on Sirius radio are indeed very much impressive, from the Sirius XM Hits1, which plays exclusively top 40 songs in the country to the Elvis radio that plays all of Elvis’s music on a 24- hour basis. There is also a classic vinyl which plays the 60s and 70s classic rock.

You can also be able to listen to Sirius radio on the internet, if you have a compatible radio, iphone or the iPod touch. You will be able to get near CD quality sound if you choose to listen to the radio on the internet.

There is also a wide range of radio stations from which you can subscribe to by paying a small fee and then get to enjoy the live transmission of music, news and entertainment.

Once you subscribe to Sirius radio you can get your radio installed easily as most of the radio sets available come with installation kits so that you can be able to enjoy yourself.

Sirius radio also is available across the country and most parts of Canada. This is due to the clarity of the sound and you will not be interrupted while listening to your favorite programs because Sirius has two satellites operating to prevent such a thing from happening.