SIRIUS Satelite Radio

Whenever we visit a restaurant or shopping mall or stay in some hotel, the first impression is created due to the ambience and the music played there. Of course the service offered is vital too, but you cannot possibly enjoy shopping or dining with the speakers blaring out loud music close to your ears. This is where the SIRIUS satelite radio for business helps out the entrepreneur in entertaining his guests as well maintaining a cordial atmosphere in the premises. Besides the package for businesses, Sirius radio also has options for traffic updates, music, marine weather etc. We will discuss about the features of a business package here.

This package, also known as SIRIUS music for business offers more than 67 channels of totally uninterrupted music that is quite better than the conventional radio services. Your customers can be treated to genres from pop to jazz, standards to classic rock music, blues to classical and the list goes on. You will be spoilt for choice with the varied collection of music provided by Sirius to be played in your business. Imagine if you had to buy all these CDs playing various tracks, how much would the cost add up to? And these are just ‘some’ of the expenses in running a business that cannot be left out as well.

Following are the benefits of using SIRIUS satelite radio in your business:

1. Reasonable monthly charges: You will get more than the value for money when you use this service.

2. No Royalty Issues: Do you know that when you play music from a CD, MP3 or the usual radio in your establishment you also have to pay royalties to ASCAP, BMI and SESAC? These are the agencies that stand for the music copyright owners. When you install SIRIUS satelite radio for your business, you are spared of paying all these charges as they are taken care of by the company.

3. Commercial-free music: The most frustrating part in playing a radio in your mall or business is listening to a competitor’s commercial! Your customers are distracted as well in this process if the ad talks about some discount offers. With the SIRIUS satelite radio, you can rest assured that none of your visitors will ever hear any kind of commercial.

4. Flexibility of service: Businesses are not required to sign long-term contracts with this radio and the service can be stopped at any time. You will not have to bear any monetary loss by way of penalty as well. This is unique as almost all the radios services will make you sign up a five year contract.

5. Economical set-up: The only things you need to start using the SIRIUS satelite radio are a Sirius receiver and an antenna!

6. Convenient installation: The receiver is joined to your current audio system and that’s all! You can either do it yourself or request the services of one of the Serius business partners for an expert installation. You can even block unwanted channels not suitable for your business.