Sirius SAT Tuner

The Sirius Satellite Tuner 2.1.5 is a widget that allows you to connect and listen to Sirius Satellite Radio over the internet. This software is totally free and you can listen to Sirius streaming audio on you computer, over the internet, on a broadband connection. This software is 263 kB in size and can be downloaded free. It works on any of the Windows operating system. You will also need a Yahoo! Widget Engine. You will be able to hear the premium Sirius Internet Radio stream in high quality sound of 128K.

There is also another software available by another software designer, and is called Sirius Satellite Tuner 3.0.1. This software also requires the Yahoo! Widgets Engine, and the will work on the Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems. The size of this software is 508KB and can be downloaded for free from the internet.

The Sirius Satellite Radio is a very popular radio service in the United States, and now because of its availability on the internet you can listen to it anywhere in the world, over a broadband internet connection. This service offers more than 120 channels of quality music, news, entertainment and sports. All the channels are commercial free and you will get a constant stream of top quality entertainment and news. There are more than 65 channels for only music and covers genres like Pop, Rock, Elec/Dance, Hip-Hop/R&B, Country, Christian, Jazz/Blues, Standards, Classical and Latin/International. You get to enjoy all this music in high fidelity stereo digital sound. There are many entertainment channels which give you the best shows of Howard Stern, Martha Stewart and Oprah. The entertainment channels also feature Comedy, Family and Health, Disney and E! Entertainment. The news channels cover a wide variety of topics and themes. There are talk shows covering Political talk, Religion and Public Radio. There are channels for US news, Financial news, International news and Traffic & Weather. The sport channels cover NFL, College, Nascar, NBA, NHL, Soccer, PGA Tour, Sports Talk & News, Horse Racing and More Sports.

The Sirius Satellite Radio service with its amazing collection of channels require a subscription. You have to create an account with them on their site and pay the monthly subscription fees. If you do not yet have an account you can try their service free for 7 days, and then subscribe.

Sirius also makes portable tuners by which you can get their regular service as well as the internet radio service. This portable Sirius Satellite Tuner is called the Stiletto 2. This is a sleek radio, on which you can receive live Sirius Radio from their satellites or through WiFi network wherever it is available. You can bookmark your favourites and buy the songs using a compatible online music service. This tuner also features a MP3 storage, where in you can build your own personal music library. The live Replay function lets you pause, rewind and replay 60 minutes of live radio stream. A scheduler and recorder which are in this radio will record 100 hours of your favourite music, programs or shows.