Sirius Ready Tuner

When you see the term “Sirius-Ready” on your receiver it means that the receiver is compatible with a tuner that will receive Sirius Satellite Radio. If it says “Sirius Ready Tuner” it means it has a tuner which can receive the Sirius Satellite Radio channels if you pay the subscription. Sirius Satellite Radio service is available through out mainland United States, and once you subscribe you will get over 120 channels of excellent radio. The channels include music, news, sports and entertainment. There are comedy shows, Disney channel, E! Entertainment, Oprah radio and many more to entertain you. Different genres of music is featured in 65 music channels and you can get to listen to a continuous stream of high fidelity music, without any commercials. Continuous coverage of your favourite NBA and NLF games are there on the sport channels, and also all the sports news. The popular news channels like Fox news, CNBC and many more are also available with this radio service.

Once you have paid the subscription, you need a Sirius Ready Tuner to listen to all the channels. If you do not have a Sirius Radio you can opt in for one of the Sirius Tuners that are available in the market to connect to your head set in your vehicle or to your home theater system or other AV receiver at your home. Your receiver or home theater system should be Sirius-ready to connect the tuner. If it is not, you will need an extra Sirius Interface device, to connect the two. Some tuners are portable and can be used in your vehicle and at your home and you have to pay only one subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio.

The Kenwood, Here2Anywhere, is a Sirius Ready Tuner, that can be used in your car as well as at home. The tuner is compact and has a light weight. Installation is quick and easy, and can easily be unplugged from the vehicle and plugged into your home theater system, with the appropriate docking kit. The radio tuner has a 160 x 32 Dot Matrix LCD display, with changeable font size and 4-line scrolling. You can preset 24 of your favourite channels on it. It has a memory and recall function which can retain up to 36 song titles and artist name. It comes with a wireless remote, for easy control of the tuner. Once the optional docking kits are in place, that is one for your vehicle,  which has a car cradle in which you just snap in the tuner, and one for the home, the interchangeability of the tuner is quick and simple. Once you have fixed the antennas on the roof and on your car, and activated the subscription, you have got 100 channels of static-free radio streams. The interface on the radio is a dial for effectively scanning and searching for channels. The 4- line display gives all the information like the channel name and number, the type of music it is playing, the name of song and the artist.