Sirius Radios For Sale

There are many different types of Sirius Radios For Sale, online and in stores, because of the popularity of the Sirius satellite radio service, in the United States and Canada. Sirius has more than 18 million subscribers and this figure is steadily growing. This brings about a constant demand for Sirius radios in the market. Majority of people like to listen to Sirius radio in their vehicles, and among the Sirius Radios For Sale, the car radio and the portable models are in high demand.

The Starmate Replay is one of the popular models among the Sirius Radios For Sale. This is a very sleek model, and its design is ideal for installing it in today's vehicles. The model has wide design and this allows it to have a nice wide display. This is a 5-line display which will show you the channel number and name, category, song title, artist name and so on. As it is a wide display it is able to accommodate all the longer names and titles. The Replay function allows you to pause, rewind and replay live radio stream of up to 44 minutes. You can also store data about your 30 favourite songs or artists, and the Seek function in the radio will alert you, whenever any of the 30 favourite songs are playing or any of the artists are performing. GameAlert function also is similar and will alert you whenever your favourite team is playing on any of the channels. You will also be able to preview other channels, without disturbing whatever you are listening to. This radio can be conveniently be mounted on the windshield. You also get a full-function wireless remote control, which is very handy to scan the channels while you are driving. The radio has an in-built FM transmitter and you can connect this radio without any wires to your FM stereo in the car. You can get Sirius Stream, on your FM radio, on the unused FM frequency.

The Sirius S50 is one of the newer models among the different Sirius Radios For Sale. This has a vertical design compared to the Starmate, but still is very sleek and compact, and comes in an elegant black design. The radio comes with a car docking kit which holds it upright, and can be mounted on the dash. It has a brilliant TFT full color display, and is very easy to read. This radio also is a player and can store and play, MP3 and WMA files. You can link this radio to your computer to transfer the files. If you turn it on when it is docked it will automatically start recording the channel that you have tuned. It has a memory capacity of 1GB, which is shared by the live recordings and your MP3, WMA files. This radio will not receive live broadcasts on the go, as it has to be connected to the dock which has the antenna connection. But you can listen to all the recorded content on the go.