Sirius Radio Tuners

There are many different kind of tuners available in the market which can receive the Sirius Satellite Radio service. Sirius Radio Tuners are built for connecting with Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready receivers, at home, in a vehicle or with a marine radio. The popularity of the Sirius Satellite Radio, has made many popular audio equipment manufacturers, to make Sirius-ready models of their receivers and home theater systems. Philips, Sony, Onkyo, Eclipse, Pioneer, Alpine and many more companies make models or home receivers and vehicle stereos which are Sirius-ready. The Sirius Radio Tuners integrate seamlessly with such models. The Sirius company itself makes tuners, that are compatible with the receivers of certain popular companies.

The SIR-ALP10T is a Sirius Radio Tuner, that is compatible with all Alpine, SAT Radio-ready, Ai-NET head units of vehicles. This is the first tuner made by Sirius that has a dual function. Not only does it give you quality entertainment with the Sirius Satellite Radio, but also provides traffic data services. This tuner is compatible with the Alpine NVE-N872A navigation system to give you traffic data for over 30 markets across mainland United States. It supports the road speed and flow data information, scheduled incidents like road closure etc., and unscheduled incidents like accident etc. The tuner has a pass-through fitting which will support CD changers and other Ai-NET accessories. The tuner comes with a non-obtrusive and compact magnetic antenna. The other components that are included with the tuner are power harness, Ai-NET bus cable and navigation data cable.

Another Sirius Radio Tuner is the SIR-ECL1 which is compatible with all Sirius-ready Eclipse car stereos. This tuner comes with the E-LAN bus cable and a magnetic mount, micro antenna. The tuner has also got the special pass-through connector that allows the addition of other Eclipse audio and/or video products to the system. The tuner is quite compact and can be easily installed, where it is hidden from view in your vehicle.

Sirius also makes tuners that are compatible with the headsets of certain brand of vehicles. The SIR-GM1 tuner is designed to operate with, GM Class-2 bus vehicles, that were manufactured between 2003 and 2006. It has a low profile, mini antenna and the tuner itself is quite compact. There is a SDAR interface cable to replace the GM, factory satellite tuner, and a T-harness cable for non-factory satellite equiped vehicles.

For home requirements there are, Sirius Radio Tuners, that can integrate seamlessly with your home theater system or your Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready AV receivers. The SCH1 is one such tuner which gives a high fidelity RCA Analog and Optical Digital audio output. This tuner is a compact device which can be placed flat or wall-mounted. It comes with an 8-pin DIN connector cable that connects the tuner to your receiver. This cable transfers the power from your receiver to the tuner, and relays the audio output from the tuner to your receiver. An AC adapter is supplied if power is not being transferred through your receiver.