Sirius Radio Tuner For

The SIR-KEN1 is a Sirius Radio Tuner For, Kenwood in-dash receivers, in vehicles. The receiver has to be compatible for satellite radio. You should also have a subscription for Sirius Satellite Radio service to receive their 120 channels on your tuner. This service is available within mainland United States and not available in Alaska and Hawaii. This is an excellent service that provides you with over 120 radio stations that broadcast very good music, entertainment, news and sports events. The 65 music channels give you a continuous stream of digital quality music without any commercials. The sport channels will be relaying the current NBA and NFL games, and giving the latest news on all sports events. The news channels give you traffic news, weather updates and news from all over the world.

The SIR-KEN1, Sirius Radio Tuner For Kenwood receivers, is compatible with all Sirius-ready Kenwood head units from 2005 onwards. The tuner does not work with Sirius-ready KRC series cassette players. The SIR-KEN1 uses the CD changer input in the Kenwood head units for connection. If you are already using this socket then use, a CD changer, pass-through connection in the tuner so that you can daisy-chain them together. The tuner unit comes with an antenna that has a strong magnetic base, so that you can place it on any metal part of the vehicle. The antenna has to be placed in clear line-of-sight of the sky, without any obstructions. This will help the antenna to receive the Sirius Radio signals, which are beamed via three Sirius satellites. The best place to mount the antenna would be the roof or trunk of your vehicle. The cable from the antenna has to be connected to the back panel of the tuner in the SMB input socket. The front panel of the tuner has a 13-pin jack that will connect via a cable to the head unit of your vehicle. There is also an additional 13-pin jack, if you need to connect an optional CD changer.

The tuner as such does not have any presets but you will be able to preset your favourite channels depending upon the capacity of your head unit, to do so. The head unit also is capable of displaying only the channel number, and the song, artist and channel name is not displayed. Most people have found that the search feature and preset will work depending on the model of your head unit and the performance of these two features differ in each model of the head unit.

The reception that you will get through this tuner is excellent and the sound quality is crystal clear. There is a momentary loss of signal when you pass under an over-bridge or while driving through an area full of large trees, which are shading the road. The basic problem people seem to face with this tuner is that unless you get a perfect match of the head unit model with the tuner, some features wont work. Many people have also found that the remote either stops functioning or will take a lot of time to respond.