Sirius Radio Tuner

Sirius Radio Tuner is a device which will receive the Sirius Satellite Radio broadcast, on to your Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready receivers or home theater systems. There are different models of Sirius Radio Tuners available that will be suitable for installation in vehicles, boats, homes and offices. There are portable tuners also available which can be played with different devices with the right docking kits. Sirius has also come out with Sirius Pocket Radios which can be used as a tuner with the right accessories attached to your home theater system or to the headset of your vehicle.

The SCH1 Sirius Home Connect Tuner Pro is a Sirius Radio Tuner suitable for the home. This tuner can connect directly into your Sirius-ready home theater system or receiver. The supplied 8-pin DIN cable, enables it to seamlessly integrate with your system. The cable is able to supply power through your receiver and also take the output from the tuner to your receiver. An AC adapter is given if your receiver fails to supply the power through the connecting cable. The tuner itself is quite sleek and can be flat with your other audio equipments or mounted on the wall or a panel. The antenna to this tuner is to be installed on the roof or your widow sill, taking care that it has a clear line of vision with the sky and that no object is obstructing that. This enables it to receive the signal from one of the three powerful satellites that Sirius has put in orbit over mainland United States to relay their 120 channels of quality entertainment. The antenna is connected to the tuner with a cable that is supplied. You have to subscribe to the Sirius Satellite Radio service to get the signal on to your tuner. After this you are ready to receive the service. Although the tuner is not a stand-alone device it still has indicator light display to inform you of its performance. Green light steadily shinning means that your tuner is receiving the signal and working fine. An amber light suggest that no signal is being received and so on. The controls of your tuner will be through your receiver's control panel and you can get all the information about the channel, song and artist on the display of your receiver.
The Sirius DLP250 Tuner is a Sirius Radio Tuner that is designed to work with Jensen marine radios and in your vehicle. Your car stereo should be Sirius-ready, or you will have to fix a Sirius interface to make the tuner work with your stereo. This tuner also is quite compact and can be hidden from view after installation. It should be fitted in a place that is properly ventilated and which is not exposed to direct sunlight and moisture. The antenna to the tuner is to be mounted on the roof or the trunk of your vehicle. The antenna is provided with a strong magnetic base, so that it can anchor itself on any metallic surface of your vehicle.